Phoenix Rising community?
PR-Clan.com is a UK gaming clan website where you will find information about us, whether it be in the form of news, interviews, demo's or other media forms.

What do I gain by joining?
You will gain a lot of new things to explore by registering yourself at pr-clan.com. Some of these include:

  • Chance to follow Phoenix Rising in action through coverage from games and demo's we publish.
  • Exclusive features available only to site members.
  • Downloadable content only available to site members. (files, wallpapers and more!)
  • The ability to 'Send and Receive' instant messages.
  • See other site users information.
  • Take an active participation in the forums.
  • Add comments to news items, articles and downloads with your username.
  • Pick a pre-made avatar or upload your own!
  • Challenge us to a game via our RWar page!

How to register?
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