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TF2 - Guide to the Spy
Game Guide
A beginners guide to everything you need to know about the Spy from TF2.
14 September 2004
Chip joined our Quake 3 team some time ago then left for another clan and another game.
TF2 - Guide to the Demoman
Game Guide
A beginners guide to everything you need to know about the 'haggis eating' Demoman.
[KsR] Tan
25 May 2004
Tan is the leader of the European/English clan Kingsize Rizla, find out what he has to say!
Our YouTube channel
Site Content
All our videos we have made and uploaded to the site known as 'YouTube'.
08 May 2004
The new co-leader of the clan MPUK, also the head admin of the MPUK League!
TF2 - Guide to the Pyro
Game Guide
A beginners guide to everything you need to know about the Pyro from TF2.
29 April 2004
He joined a year ago now and is still hanging around, find out his views on BF1942, life and us.
Custom Spray Logo
Program Guide
A 'how to' into making your own sprays for TF2, CS:S and other Half-Life 2 based games.
{Harlequin} Tyler
07 February 2004
Tyler plays for and runs the UK based clan {The Harlequins} the so called sister clan to [MPUK].
TF2 - Guide to the Engineer
Game Guide
A beginners guide to everything you need to know about the Texan fella from TF2.
02 December 2003
He joined us in Dec 2002, a year later, we ask how he started playing, also a few views on us as well.
Site Content
A collection of photos and image's of games we have played.
11 November 2003
Recruited in June of this year, I caught up with him to ask a few questions of the game BF and our clan.
Site Content
Phoenix Rising themed wallpapers form the present and past for you to use!
28 September 2003
He's an old Quake 3 player turned BF1942 l33t player, well that's what I was told!
MPUK i-series - i19
Event Review - April 2004
Our trip in full to Newbury, where we played and won the Battlefield 1942 competition!
24 August 2003
MuNkayMaN is one fine BF1942 player, here he answers a few questions on BF, his past and us.
MPUK i-series - i9
Event Review - November 2001
The Quake 3 team go fragging once again!
10 August 2003
Next up is Sosha who joined us in January this year. He also plays for a successful USA BF clan.
MPUK i-series - i7
Event Review - April 2001
Our first ever Multiplay lan meetup in Newbury.
29 July 2003
Joined us for Quake 3 last year, but moved over to BF1942. He still plays Q3 for basic.rip though.
IRC Guide
Program Guide
Need to know what's, what on IRC, find out in our simple guide!
[MPUK] Njoroge
20 July 2003
He runs the clan Multiplay UK he was also the captain for the UK BF team on ClanBase!
13 July 2003
He came from the depths of Wireplay and clan KC then vanished.. but he then joined us for BF1942.
28 June 2003
Kam joined us for some BF1942 action in Nov 2002 and he's proved to be a very dedicated member!
20 June 2003
He has been in PR^ for over a year, Quake 3 then 1942 just what are his views of us and BF.
09 March 2003
A member who played in a lot of our games for Q3 but he vanished?
23 February 2003
A player from our past, she was one of our best at Quake 2 but left the clan when Q3 came out.
16 February 2003
This time we ask the mighty Sar a thing or two on his views of Quake 3 and PR^.
02 February 2003
This time it is Nutkins who takes up the challenge and gives us his views on PR^ and BF1942.
02 February 2003
To kick start off the interview series we have a look into our very own Spanjab and his online history.