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Played games: 372  Won: 160 (43%)  Lost: 172 (46%)  Draw: 40 (11%)

Jolt BF1942 League
This was the first true Battlefield 1942 league of it's kind. We entered for the first season which kicked off in March 2003. Started by our very own Doc_Gonzo, who put a lot of work in behind the scenes to make it all possible.

Games are played 2x20 minute rounds over one map pre-determined each week as listed on the fixtures. All matches are to be 8v8. A team must have a minimum of 6 players in order to play a fixture, however if a team has only 6 players the opposition does not have to play with less than 8 unless they so desire. The team listed first on the fixture list is to play as Allies in the first round and then switch to Axis after the conclusion of the round.

Scoring is by tickets, with the final tickets from each round being added together to create the final score. The team with the highest number of tickets after two rounds is the victor and receives 3 points. If after two rounds the tickets are level then each side will receive 1 point for the draw. The losing team gains nothing.

We finished our first and what seems our only season in 2nd place, as their wasn't to be a second one.

*We no longer compete in this league.

win = green | loss = red | draw = yellow

 Season 1 Division 1

Date Map(s) Us Them Points Media
Mini review: We finished in 2nd place we then went on to play LCD in the playoff's but sadly lost to them!
playoff's - (top two teams of each division)
Legion Condor 19.05.03 market garden 299 615 0
Donum Mortis 12.05.03 iwo jima 570 112 +3
Title Chasers 05.05.03 market garden 546 384 +3
Multiplay UK 14.04.03 bocage 255 313 0
United Kingdom Resistance 07.04.03 battleaxe 490 40 +3
Virtual Fighting Squad 31.03.03 guadalcanal 577 108 +3
Clan Green 24.03.03 bulge 460 145 +3
hux 17.03.03 gazala 518 424 +3
XDC 10.03.03 wake island 562 194 +3

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