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Played games: 372  Won: 160 (43%)  Lost: 172 (46%)  Draw: 40 (11%)

Enemy Down - BF2: Cup
This cup started in February 2006. They have been around for a few years now, the cup follows on from the successful ladder system and is held several times a year.

The length of a match is 4x20 minutes per map. The max team size is 8v8, the minimum is 6v6. The game works on a 'Ticket' system, when the game starts, each team will be given a certain amount of tickets to begin with. If a clan controls an outpost or each time they kill the enemy, they will deduct tickets from the opposing team. A clan wins the game by taking all of the opposing clans tickets or by having the most tickets remaining at the end of the time limit Total tickets left on both maps are added up to determine the final score.

*We no longer compete in this cup.

win = green | loss = red | draw = yellow

 Mid-Winter 16 Player Cup

Date Map(s) Us Them Points Media
Mini review: Knocked out in the 2nd round.
Clan Mutiny 02.03.06 kubra_dam/mashtuur_city 0 680 loss
Over Aged Players 12.02.06 dragon_valley/mashtuur_city 559 0 win

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