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Played games: 372  Won: 160 (43%)  Lost: 172 (46%)  Draw: 40 (11%)

F2C.NET - European Battlefield 1942 League
This was the second BF1942 European league we participated in. We entered form the second season which started in September 2003. The season lasts for 9 weeks.

All matches are played over two games. Win/Loss/Draw for each match is decided by winning/losing/drawing each individual map, and not on the overall score over the maps. Default team size is 10v10, you can play with less as long as ''BOTH'' clans agree to play with less players, if they don't the match will be played with 10v10.

The league was doomed from the start as many clans dropped out so it wasn't finished.

*We no longer compete in this league.

win = green | loss = red | draw = yellow

 Season 2 Premiership

Date Map(s) Us Them Points Media
Mini review: This league looked promising but it all went down hill with the loss of the admin and chaos evolved!
Clan Des Damnes 26.11.03 el alamein 260 300 0
Suicidal 4 Life 20.10.03 iwo jima 351 216 +3
dignitas 08.10.03 market garden 175 454 0
United Green Berets 07.10.03 wake island 211 197 +3
Freaky Voodoo Magic 25.09.03 kharkov 240 38 +3

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