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Clan Wars Quake 3 4v4 DM League
This league was run by Shill and SAR it was a team deathmatch league which began in October 2000, it started off well but it ended after the first season as Clan Wars itself shutdown unfortunately.

Games were played 4v4 over just the one map, with each team allowed a sub/coach on the server.

*We no longer compete in this league.

win = green | loss = red | draw = yellow

 Season 1 Division 2

Date 1st Map 2nd Map Media
Mini review: We finished 2nd in this division, sadly the league ended.
iQ - InQuisition 16.11.00 q3dm7 (53-64) --- ---
ADK - Armored Digital Killers 02.11.00 q3dm8 (113-73) --- ---
CRAPS - Crusher Armoured Privates 26.10.00 q3dm6 (95-87) --- ---
*Vs* - Virtual Suicide 19.10.00 q3mexx1 (68-64) --- ---

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