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Played games: 372  Won: 160 (43%)  Lost: 172 (46%)  Draw: 40 (11%)

ClanBase Battlefield 2 Conquest 32 Europe Ladder
One of the bigger 32 player ladders around. Only 32 player maps are allowed. We started our campaign in December 2005. The ladder system has been around for some time now and can work very well if both clans agree to the server and rules straight off if not it can drag out into an all night affair.

The default length of a match is 4x20 minutes. This means that two maps will be played, each side once by both clans. Clans can decide what teamsize they want to use. The default number of players is 12v12. If both clans agree you can play with more or less players. The minimum is 10v10 and the maximum is 16v16. The lower ranked clan can choose what side it wants to start on. ClanBase Ladders use a rating system, every clan starts with 1000 points and with each win or loss this changes for the better or worse. Matches are won with total tickets left, not map wins. The total tickets left on both maps are added up to determine the final score.

*We no longer compete in this ladder.

win = green | loss = red | draw = yellow

 Conquest 32 Europe

Date Map(s) Us Them Points Media
Mini review: We left the ladder!
[Ed2k]&-=|LEG|=- Allianz
28.02.06 strike_at_karkand/operation_clean_sweep 1 0 +10
United Confederation
27.02.06 operation_clean_sweep/dragon_valley 0 1 -10
Long Range Recce Patrol
15.02.06 mashtuur_city/kubra_dam 663 1326 -19
Eat Shit and Die
15.01.06 fushe_pass/operation_clean_sweep 1226 892 +62
Night Pilgrims
08.12.05 strike_at_karkand/mashtuur_city 0 1 -10

Started with 1,000 | Highest position reached: #34 | Last recorded position: #46 (1,001 points) - ladder link

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