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Clan Phoenix Rising was established in June '98 after the demise of two old clans, the original Sacred Exterminators [SEX] and one of the only all female clans ManEaters [ME]. The main two founders were Spanjab and CyberWitch.

We originated as a Wireplay Quake 2 clan in which we had variable success, playing Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag we also took part in the old UKRA2L. We played against many clans, even beating some of the great clans such as HooD, Rv and of course the some what 'great' LanLords who were all well known in these fields at that time. But we left Wireplay and Quake 2 completely behind us just after the release of Quake 3 here in the UK.

During our Quake 3 campaign we played Team Deathmatch, Rocket Arena 3 as well as Capture The Flag, we competed in various UK & European leagues. Of which we were relatively successful, trying to make a name for ourselves as good sports and friendly players. We reached some of the higher divisions which we found to be very challenging!

We decided to expand our somewhat gaming experience with a move into Battlefield 1942 in October 2002. With Spanjab and Nutkins behind the helm with a lot of help from new member at the time Doc_Gonzo. BF1942 is a game which is nothing like Q3 with it's huge!! maps and needed planning to make any progress, for this we took on a whole load of new players. Competing in various UK and European leagues we had a lot of success in becoming one of the UK's best teams!

Our next venture after a brief stint in World of Warcraft was in June 2005 playing Battlefield 2. Much like it's younger brother it requires lots of planning and experienced team work, of which we think we have become good at over the last few years! Again it was headed up by Spanjab with help from new member at the time Stealth but we all had an active role to play in it's progress.

With the release of Quake 4 in October 2005 we headed back to our roots. But this time the mighty Sar headed up an all new team to face the Strogg! It didn't last though as interest in the game just wasn't there.

The team reunited once again for Battlefield 2142 in October 2006. As with other Battlefield games we played in the ClanBase European Ladder. The team this time was headed up by the returning HoriZon & JellyFish but as with other games we all took a part in keeping it going!

Team Fortress 2 was released as a 'beta' in September 2007 with the final been released in October 2007 it was decided that we would move to this new game with the team been run by HoriZon & Nutkins.

After the collapse of TF2 due to a loss of interest most of us went our separate ways with some of us going back to games of old, while others played things liked CoD4/Halo 3 and a few MMO's from Age of Conan too Warhammher Online.

We do however await a new challenge as a team!

Contact Information:

If you would like to contact us for any reason or maybe you want to challenge us to a game via RWar or just fancy catch up? Then please do it via the Forum or contact one of us via the sites own Private Message system.

We don't have a 'clan leader' as such, instead we work in a democratic way.

Record of Achievements:

ClanBase Battlefield 2142 Titan Europe Ladder - Number 1 - January 2007
Enemy Down Battlefield 2: 16 Player Maps Ladder - Number 1 - September 2005
Multiplay UK Battlefield 1942 League - Season 1 Division 1 - March 2004 - Division Champions!!
Multiplay UK i-series i19 - Battlefield 1942 8v8 Tournament - March 2004 - Tournament Winners!!
ClanBase Battlefield 1942 Conquest UK Ladder - Number 1 - December 2003
Jolt Battlefield 1942 League - Season 1 Division 1 - May 2003 - Runners Up
PC GAMER UK - Clan of the Month - March 2003 [link]
BarrysWorld Quake 3 Challenge Pro-Mode Rocket Arena League - Season 2 Division 3 - November 2002 - Position 3rd
BarrysWorld Quake 3 Deathmatch League - Season 7 Division 3d - January 2002 - Position 3rd
BarrysWorld Quake 3 Capture The Flag League - Season 7 Division 3a - January 2002 - Division Champions!!
Savage Quake 3 Capture The Flag League - Season 5 Division 3 - September 2001 - Position 3rd
Savage Quake 3 Deathmatch League - Season 1 Division 3a - July 2001 - Division Champions!!
Clan Wars Quake 3 Deathmatch League - Season 1 Division 2 - November 2000 - Runners Up
BarrysWorld Quake 3 Deathmatch League - Season 3 Division 4b - October 2000 - Runners Up
Savage Quake 3 Capture The Flag League - Season 2 Division 3 - September 2000 - Position 3rd
United Kingdom Clan Carnage Quake 3 League (UKCCL) - Season 2 Free Division 3c - May 2000 - Position 3rd
United Kingdom Clan Carnage Quake 3 League (UKCCL) - Season 2 Mixed Division 2b - May 2000 - Division Champions!!
United Kingdom Clan Carnage Quake 3 League (UKCCL) - Season 2 Modem Division 2 - May 2000 - Division Champions!!
Savage Quake 3 Capture The Flag League - Season 0 Division 8 - April 2000 - Position 3rd
United Kingdom Clan Carnage Quake 3 League (UKCCL) - Season 1 Mixed Division 3c - March 2000 - Division Champions!!

Various Quake 2 achievements not listed in the old WPQ2DML and WPQ2CTFL. Also the old Savage 3tCTFL and the UKRA2L.

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