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Interview with PR^Nutkins
This time it is Nutkins who takes up the challenge and gives us his views on PR^ and BF1942.

What's the history of the player Nutkins and what do you do when you are not playing BF1942?
The first time many of you would have come across me was on the popular 80's children's wildlife television program 'The Really Wild Show'. The show was later brought into a 90's format with me being replaced but never achieved the same level of popularity as the original. I joined PR^ in 2000, and have been a loyal member ever since. I have always been a gamer since the first arcade machines like pong, space invaders and Pac Man. Offline, I drive freight trains all over the country and I am married with 2 young kids.
You play Quake 3 as a clan why such a bold and some say ''rash'' move to a totally unproven and different type of FPS like BF1942?
Well I think BF1942 will prove itself. I have seen a lot of old Q3 players on the servers and starting clans. Also a lot of Counter Strike clans are moving towards BF1942. Q3 has been around for a long time already. It was starting to get tedious practicing the same moves and seeing the same old faces. I owe a lot to Q3. I still play it now and again but its nearing the end of its life and it was time to move on for me.
I take it that its not easy organizing a BF1942 game getting all the players and tactics sorted how are you managing this?
It is a nightmare. We have plenty of people on the roster but people cant be available everyday. I have to try and work out which is the best day for most. People are gonna get fed up if they don't get a game but we have a good bunch of lads who hopefully understand the difficulties that team picking can present. The tactics are even worse. There is so much scope for tactics but getting everyone to understand them and carry them out is very difficult.
What do you think of the ClanBase Ladder system and do you see any more leagues opening up any time soon?
It is ok. I haven't had much experience of it b4, so I cant really comment on it. But it keeps us in competition. I am hoping that Barrysworld will start a league up soon. I think that they are waiting for the linux patch to be released because the servers are too expensive atm.
Do you think PR^ has the players and attitude to make a name for them self's in 1942?
Well we have got some real class in the side I have no doubts. But the attitude needs to change in my opinion for us to be successful. I am all for having fun, but losing isn't fun. I really want us to be good but I think we need a lot more commitment.
Out of all the players PR^ currently have who to you rate the most and why?
I have a lot of respect for Spanjab. He is the clan founder and the one who first suggested moving over to BF1942. But our most important player is Ahab. I am sure the rest of the clan would agree with me on that.
What do you think of BF1942 compared to Quake 3?
Like I said before I owe a lot to Q3. But BF1942 gives you the freedom that Q3 cannot offer. When I first played BF I was totally gob smacked. I didn't think that anything like this could be possible yet in an online game. You cant really compare the 2 games. Q3 was ahead of its time when it was released that is why it has been so successful. Battlefield 1942 is ahead of its time now and with the large community already making mods then it is gonna get bigger.
Where to you see yourself and PR^ in a years time?
I can honestly see myself single and broke. PR^ will still be going. I think that it will probably be playing Q4 or Doom 3. We survived the transition from Q2 to Q3, why not Q4? Not many clans have been going for as long as PR^. That's what makes it special.

This interview was published on the 02 Feb 2003 by HoriZon.

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