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Interview with PR^Spanjab
To kick start off the PR^ interview series we have a look into our very own Spanjab and his online history.

How many people actively play for PR^ at this time, and when did it all kick off?
Ask me one on sport? I don't know, probably about 15-20 right now across Q3 and BF1942. It all began in June 1998.
Where did the name ''Phoenix Rising'' come from?
Seemed appropriate at the time. Two former Wireplay clans, [SEX] and [ME] were both folding and the new clan was going to be made from members of those two. Dawn (CyberWitch) and I agreed on the name right from the start.
We have had a lot of members over the last few years, is their any of them you miss and what do you think of them?
There are definately lots of people who used to play for us that I miss now. Things move on though, and people move on in real life or to other games. Almost all of them are still welcome in #pr for a catch up, been ages since I spoke to some of them which is a shame.
What's the history of the man behind Spanjab, and what made you try online gaming?
My first foray online was Quake 2, I'd played a little Duke, Doom and the like LAN but Q2 was my first modem game, never looked back since! I think I started online while I was a rep so feels like years ago now! Christ it was years ago!
Why is it that PR^ has no leader and is this a good way for a clan to work?
The way PR^ works with no real leader seems fine. I think it has helped with the longevity of the team as everyone has a vested interest in the success of PR^ and I have found too many other clans where the leaders have turned into arses after a while, no need for that and I don't need to be a clan leader to be an arse, kinda comes natural.
Why do you think the clan has lasted as long as it has?
Dunno really, god knows we have had some rocky patches like any clan I guess. I think at the core has always been at least a few people who wanted PR^ to stay and would never leave, the clan will last as long as that enthusiasm.
PR^'s Q3 history has been very varied over the last few years with you been in division 2 for team death match and capture the flag and now back to div3 has this effected the team?
Relegation is never nice, but after a few games in a lower division you can really get confidence back and begin the climb. Our Q3 side has gone through some considerable changes lately with some heavy recruiting to replace people (like myself) who have moved over to mainly playing Battlefield. I expect we will be represented in Q3 leagues for a long while to come.
Where to you see PR^ in say a year or two?
Who knows! Hopefully Battlefield will still be going although I expect Doom 3 or Quake 4 might replace our Q3 team in a year or 2. A lot can happen in 2 years but I hope I will still be playing along side many of the same guys I am now!

This interview was published on the 02 Feb 2003 by HoriZon.

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 12 Oct '07 - 21:57
Where is our fearless leader today?

We all miss him


 13 Oct '07 - 01:10
Your our leader now Mark, you need to let go.

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