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Custom Spray Logo

Creating Custom Spray Logos for games like Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source etc:
Making custom spray logos and tags has never been so easy! The source engine allows users to import their own spray logos without all that complex work of converting colour tables and editing config files etc, now even a complete novice to this game and computers can create their own sprays without much knowledge required. All you need is a graphics program like that of Adobe's Photoshop or what we have used Fireworks.

Here how its done in 3 easy steps:

Open up your graphics program, we are using Fireworks. Drag or open up the image you wish to use for your spray logo in your chosen graphics package, cut, edit or add any text until you are happy with the final results.

Before saving your final logo you need to resize it to the correct size required in Half-Life 2 based games. The required sizes are 128x128, 128x256 or 256x256. We recommend you use 256x256 pixels for the best result and quality. Once you have either resized your image or better still designed your image based on a 256x256 pixel canvas (for improved quality) all you need to do is save the image as a JPG, .BMP, .TGA etc.

Finally load up your game and on the main game menu (hit the 'ESC' key if you are in a live game to return to the main menu) on the menu you will see 'Options' and under options you should find the spray logo section. On this screen you will see the 'Import' image/logo button. Click this and then browse to the logo file you saved on your hard drive. If you created the logo to the correct size you should have no problem in importing it. Once imported you should see your logo in the browser window and you are now ready to join a server to test your new spray.

Binding a key:
Before you can spray your new logo in servers you will need to bind a key. The default key for spraying logos is ''t'' but if you wish to change this all you need to do is edit your user.cfg or change it within the game controls menu.

You can create many logos and by returning to the option screen you can change your logo as and when but your logo will only change when the server map changes. So if you find your logo has been changed in the option screen yet still displays your old logo image you many need to wait until the map or server restarts before it updates.

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