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TF2 - Guide to the Spy
Primary: Revolver
Secondary: Electro-sapper
Melee: Butterfly Knife
Other: Cigarette Pack (disguise kit), Cloak Watch (invisibility)
The Spy has 125 hit points and is a lightly armored character speaking in a Franco-Italian accent, dressed in a team-colored pin-stripe suit and a full-face balaclava and with a ubiquitous cigarette. Spies can disguise themselves as other players and are armed with a revolver, a butterfly knife, an electric sapper and a rechargeable cloaking device. Using their covert abilities, Spys are able to infiltrate enemy positions and assassinate key enemy players with their knife. They can also use the sapper to sabotage enemy structures.



(Butterfly Knife)

(Cigarette Pack)

Spy Basics

Strengths: The ability to cloak and disguise yourself allows the Spy to get behind the enemy to take out Snipers and sentries. Stealth is their biggest advantage... use it rather than trying to get into firefights.
Weakness: Don't try to shoot it out with anyone. The pistol is weak and you'll be overpowered by every other class in the game in terms of firepower. While cloaked, don't bump into the enemy or you'll lose some of your invisibility for a moment, giving away your position to the enemy.

Further Tips

1) When going disguised, pick a class where there are a lot of those players on the opposing team. This will help you blend in with the enemy. Two classes to always avoid - they are the easiest to spot as Spies - Scouts and Heavies. A real Scout is extremely quick and a real Heavy is noticeably slow. As a Spy, you still travel at your Spy speed which is much slower than a Scout and significantly faster than a Heavy. The enemy will see a Scout running the same speed as most other classes and start opening up fire on you knowing without a doubt that you are a Spy. Same goes for the Heavy.

Additionally, choose a defensive class that wouldn't look out of place hanging around near the back lines such as a Pyro, Engineer, Sniper or even a Medic, though as the latter the other team will want healed so be warned!

2) When a cloaked Spy is shot by any weapon, he shimmers momentarily, allowing enemies to spam the area around where they believe the Spy is and keep track of his position to finish him off.

Many enemies will do this to you if you try and run away after they see you cloak (for example after you've just knifed someone in plain sight). If they are uncertain of where you are, they will just shoot the air in the direction they would expect you to run, i.e. the shortest route to cover.

However you can sometimes outwit them by cloaking, running in the expected direction, and once completely invisible, turn around and run backwards. They will keep shooting where they think you've gone and all the while you'll be behind them. This works especially well if you have a lot of cloak charge, but if you only a have a few seconds get behind your pursuers and attempt to knife them before running away again.

3) Use your cloaking properly. Use it to get past choke points and to run away after a timely stab or electro sapper. Get behind cover before uncloaking and change classes after you've been discovered or taken offensive action. Also, try to use your cloak to get as deep into enemy territory as possible, uncloak and then start running back to the front lines. You'll be heading in the same direction as the enemy and it's much easier to come up from behind a player for a quick knife in the back.

4) A highly effective strategy against average engineers defending their sentry gun is to place an Electro-sapper on the sentry gun and as the Engineer goes to wrench it off, knife him in the back. The sentry gun won't attack you since it's still disabled, and you can then sap his other buildings without resistance.

Experienced engineers will predict that you will try this, so instead of planting the sapper and standing there waiting for him to turn his back, act as if you are going to do the expected thing and sap the rest of his buildings. He will assume he has more time to repair his sentry gun, when really you turn straight back and knife him as soon as he looks away!

5) Disguise is not enough... you'll need to act the part. How many Snipers do you see running empty handed back to your own spawn? It's a dead giveaway. Always be asking yourself, is this what I would be doing if I was really this enemy player?

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