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TF2 - Guide to the Demoman
Primary: Grenade Launcher
Secondary: Sticky Grenade Launcher
Melee: Whiskey Bottle
Other: n/a
The Demoman is a defensive class with 175 hit points. Demomen are armed with a timed detonation grenade launcher, a remote detonation sticky bomb launcher and uses a scotch whiskey bottle that can be broken for melee attacks. The Demoman can use these grenade launchers to fire grenades over obstacles and around corners, though its range is extremely limited. Sticky bombs can also be used in a defensive role for setting traps and mining routes, although the opposing team can displace them with most weapons. He can only have a maximum of eight active sticky bombs at any one time and placing more sticky bombs with eight already in place will begin detonating previously-deployed bombs in the order they were launched. Demomen can also use their explosives to jump, when timed well this can send the Demoman to great heights but takes a lot of damage. The Demoman moves slightly slower than most other classes.

(Grenade Launcher)

(Sticky Grenade Launcher)

(Whiskey Bottle)

Demoman Basics

Strengths: Great class for defending/attacking bottlenecks. The grenades explode on contact before the first bounce with an enemy or after a few seconds on the ground so this class can keep a key doorway or opening packed with explosions for a long time. Their secondary weapon, the sticky bomb, can be used to defend control points/intelligence or any key bottlenecks. Load the area up with sticky bombs and detonate them as your enemies pass by them by pressing the alternate fire key.
Weakness: Lack of a long range gun is his biggest weakness - makes the Demoman extremely vulnerable in the open. He is defenceless at long range.

Further Tips

1) Sticky bombs do more than just blow people up and launch you around the map. On maps with only a few entrances to each area (cp_granary is a good example) these sticky bombs act as a powerful deterrent. No one in their right mind is going to walk over 4 stick bombs like they're not there, so even if you aren't using your 8 available sticky bombs as weapons, chuck a few in each entrance. You don't even have to watch them; the enemy doesn't know you aren't. Popping out and lobbing in a few normal grenades every now and then reinforces the illusion that you are just waiting for them to step on the things.

2) Your stickies can be shot at and moved by projectile weapons (shotguns, rockets, pistols) so guard against your traps from being tampered with.

3) Another tip is to use your sticky bombs as a full time weapon... launch them at your enemy and as they fly towards your target, detonate them.

4) Hold your primary fire button down to launch your sticky bombs further.

5) Similar to the Soldier, the Demoman has his own version of the "rocket jump". The procedure with the Demoman is to lay a sticky bomb (or two... careful - this is going to hurt) on the ground where you want to jump from. Step on the stickies then jump and detonate them at the same time... you can go higher than a Soldier's RJ with skill and timing, this will help you get into a couple of nice positions.

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 17 Nov '07 - 20:04
Awesome work again Mark. You are the man!!


 18 Nov '07 - 11:40
Yep nice one Mark

I only found out myself the other day about how to increase the range on the sticky bomb launcher


 19 Nov '07 - 01:12
I do try but its hard with some as i don't really play as them that much but ah well here it is gonna see if i can get my head around one for the Spy next! Dave you should do some or something as you can write

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