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TF2 - Guide to the Pyro
Primary: Flamethrower
Secondary: Shotgun
Melee: Fire Axe
Other: n/a
With 175 hit points, the Pyro is equipped with a short-range flamethrower, a shotgun and a fire axe. Unlike its counterparts in previous Team Fortress incarnations, the Pyro's primary weapon, the flamethrower, is one of the most powerful short range weapons in the game, able to set enemies on fire to cause damage over an extended period of time. Other Pyros cannot be set alight, but will still take damage from the initial attack. Due to the short range of the flamethrower, the Pyro relies on ambushing enemies to achieve the full effect of his/her weapon.



(Fire Axe)

Pyro Basics

Strengths: The flamethrower has a very short range, but great for getting people coming around corners and groups of enemies. You can see the fear in your enemies as they flee from your 20 foot flame. Once you light your enemy on fire, it continues to burn them, removing about 5-10hp every couple of seconds until the victim dies or the flame gets extinguished. In a recent update, Valve made the Pyro's flamethrower more potent which now gives him the killing power of any other main class in the game. Although the character model for the Pyro is pretty fat the character moves fast so he's up to the front lines in a hurry.
Weakness: You may become frustrated at the lack of kills you get with this class. As mentioned it's great for spreading fear among the enemy, the flamethrower's lack of range and instant killing power may frustrate you if you're used to dealing out instant death via the Soldier or Heavy.

A Medic or health packs on the ground and more obviously a good dip in the water will extinguish the Pyro's flame on the victim.

Further Tips

1) If you're traveling in the open, break out the shotgun until you get back into tight quarters where the flamethrower's full potential can be dished out.

2) Ambushing your enemy is the name of a game for a Pyro, find a nice spot and wait for them to come around the corner or through a door, then watch them burn!!

3) If you see multiple targets of opportunity, take out Medic's first as they can put out flames with their healing gun.

4) Pyros are the #1 Spy detecting class. Pyros should be flaming everyone in their vacinity to help reveal enemy spies, even though they are an attacking class they do make a great addition to an Engineer and his sentry gun for defence!

5) As a Pyro you cannot be set on fire, although you still take damage from an enemy Pyro's flamethrower you will not burn afterwards. So when fighting another Pyro it is usually best to take out the shotgun.

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 30 Oct '07 - 18:59
Been playing as the Pyro a bit more and I'm liking him/her tbh

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