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TF2 - Guide to the Engineer
Primary: Shotgun
Secondary: Pistol
Melee: Wrench
Other: Construction PDA
Engineers are used to defend bases and passageways, as well as to supply and transport the team. With 125 hit points, the engineer wears a construction hat and team-coloured overalls and speaks with a stereotypical Texan accent. The engineer is able to build various structures through ''metal'' points to support the team: a sentry gun that can be upgraded through three stages of effectiveness, a teleporter matrix consisting of an entry and exit facility and an ammunition and health dispenser. While its ammunition supplies are infinite the dispenser requires time to regenerate metal supplies. Metal is collected from resupply points, dispensers, the weapons of fallen players and even the debris of destroyed structures. Engineers are armed with a shotgun and a pistol in addition to a monkey wrench that doubles as a melee weapon and the means to repair, upgrade, and speed up the building of structures.




(Construction PDA)

Sentry Basics

Stage 1: This is the lowest stage in Sentry construction. This stage is not very effective against most of your opponents and should be upgraded ASAP. The stopping power at this stage is very minimal and shouldn't be considered a good defence.
Stage 2: The second stage Sentry has excellent stopping power against all the lighter classes. This means anything under the Soldier and Heavy will have a hard time with this Sentry. Increased firepower and health make this turret a suitable defence.
Stage 3: In this third stage the Sentry gets another upgrade to firepower, health and a mounted rocket launcher. It is effective against all classes and will finish any foe quickly.

Upgrading/Repairing/Un-Sapping a Sentry

Upgrading: It's a very simple process. In the bottom right-hand corner of your screen you will see a wrench and a number. This number indicates how much metal you have in your inventory.

To upgrade a Sentry simply take out your Wrench (Key 3) and swing away on your turret. Make sure you are close enough to make contact; it takes metal on metal to increase your upgrade progress. You can see the status of your upgrade in the info box in the upper left side of the screen or by manually looking at your Sentry as shown above.

Collecting metal is also a very easy task, the biggest metal resource for the engineer is the Dispenser but that will be covered in the next section. Other ways include simply go to the refill station where you spawn or by picking up the various weapons that players drop when they get killed. You can also pickup the spawned metal/ammo pickups that spawn on the map.

Repairing: When your Sentry becomes damaged, you will need metal in your inventory and a wrench in hand. All you need to do is hit your Sentry in the same matter as an upgrade to perform a repair.

Removing a Sapper Device: The same method is used to remove a Spy's Sapper device from a sentry/dispenser/teleporter. You have only a few seconds to save the device and usually you have to ''deal'' with the Spy first.

The Dispenser

The Dispenser is greatly appreciated by any class. It can heal, refill ammo and give metal. To use the Dispenser simply stand close to it.

The two major downsides to the Dispenser are its slow heal speed and very low health. As an engineer you will need to protect your Dispenser because it won't take very many hits from anything before falling apart.

Dispensers and all of the Engineers products are all repairable in the same way as the Sentry Gun.

Strategies for an Engineer

Sentry Gun Placement: This seems to be that hardest thing for new engineers to understand. The placement of a Sentry can completely turn a game around or will let that pesky opposing team steal your Intel/Capture point.

Example of a BAD Sentry Position!

This is a terrible spot for a Sentry. The red sphere indicates your Sentry's FOV (Field of View). With a Sentry placed here, the enemy can easily take it out from a safe distance. They don't even have to leave the base to take this one out.

Example of a Good Sentry Position!

This spot allows very little room for the enemy to try and ''Squat'' your turret. Squatting is the term used for someone shooting your turret from out of its range, or bobbing in and out from cover. Engineers can do very little to a squatter so they often need the help of team mates to remove said problem. In context ''I have a Sentry Squatter in the Courtyard!'' and hopefully one of your teammates will come over and help you out.

Dispenser Location: is very important. Usually an Engineer will use the dispenser to keep him in stock while under bombardment. The dispenser's very low health makes it a tough target to protect.
From this angle the Dispenser has great coverage from anyone coming into the courtyard, this particular setup also makes a ''wall'' preventing spies from getting to you.

Always hide your Dispenser as best as you can from the enemy. Place it in nooks and crannies if your placing it for your team members so they will see it while heading for the battle but it will remain hidden from the enemy.

Engineers Best Friend

The best friend an Engineer can have other than his Sentry is the Pyro. With a Pyro nearby they can spray everyone that even comes close to you as a Spy check.

The 'S' Word

Spy is the word that can make any Engineer's blood boil! If they aren't stabbing you in the back they are Sapping all your toys!!

The best defence against spies is Spy checking. Just use your wrench, hit anyone that even tries to come close to your devices until you are satisfied that they are legit. Two to three hits with a wrench usually takes care of a Spy but play it safe.

Signs of Spies:

  • Not shooting – Spies can't shoot their fake guns when they are in disguise. A lot of the time a team member will shoot at you and you just shoot right back. One shot is enough, this just lets both of you know that you are legit.
  • Wandering or Squatting – Spies are always looking for an opportunity. They have to wait until the time is right so they can kill and not be seen by another team member. This often means that they are wandering around and will ''lock on'' to a legit player and follow him to a secluded area. Squatter spies usually find a corner and wait for a lone player or for an engineer to wander away from his sentry.
  • Walking speed – Look for something that is a bit off. Scouts are the most obvious ones since the Spy walks considerably slower.

Duties as an Engineer

Your duty as an engineer is to provide a defence. This means that you cannot be wondering too far away from your sentry and preferably not at all. Some engineers can be a decent offensive; however they generally are best at holding a point.

Some maps require that your setup some teleporters to assist your offensive teammates. Maps like Granary can be won and lost due to teleporter locations. On some maps there is an immediate split in direction after the spawn point. Always inform your team of where you are putting the entrance to your teleporter so that they will not miss it.

Teleporter exits should be placed out of sight similar to Dispensers. You don't want your enemy to see these and make you lose your advantage.

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 09 Oct '07 - 22:52
Good guide


 10 Oct '07 - 05:04
Nice work


 10 Oct '07 - 10:26
Nice one. I don't play that much as an engineer, but have played with him a few hours the last few days. I have noticed 2 extra things.

1. On some maps it makes sense to build tp-entrance, then reload at resupply, then go to place you want to defend, build exit, get an ammo-box (some give 100, some only 40) and build a sentry, then go look for metal for a dispenser. If you start building dispensers first, you'll be much slower, while in this way, you will have the first three up before the timer runs out.

2. Because of boredom i like playing an engineer offensively on cp maps. On most maps you can win the battle on a public server by getting a good spot, usually with an ammo box, close or even inside the enemy base. Build a sentry for temporary defense, then build a tp-exit and watch your friends stream into their base quicker than the enemy can.


 10 Oct '07 - 16:54
Some more great tips their m8


 04 Nov '07 - 22:43
On 2fort:

Place a sentry on the desk in your intel.room, covering both angles.
Next, place the dispenser on your intelligence on the desk as well. If a spy comes he'll be discovered when going for sapping dispenser, cos of picking up intel.
Stay down, kneel, yourself behind the desk, repairing the sentry. Sentry will cover you for inc attacks

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