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Interview with PR^Chip
Chip joined our Quake 3 team some time ago then left for another clan and another game.

The name Chip, why did you go with this name what is the reason, also tell us a little about yourself and what you do in the real world?
Alright geezas, the name Chip comes from messing around on a mates cb radio. I needed a nickname to use on that so I started using 'Chipmunk', don't really know why but with squirrels being my favourite animal I went for the less gay sounding cousin type thing of it, the chipmunk (logic isn't one of my finer points). I used that for a few months online. It was ok for RTS style games but I decided to shorten it to just 'chip' when I started playing first person shooters, more hardcore ya see

I'm Danny, 26 years old and originally from Liverpool but now I live 'across the water' on the Wirral. I'm a mad Tranmere Rovers fan (pity me if you want) and I also play American football. I work for BT (I'm not responsable for broadband before you start to have a go!), used to be in network construction but recently got promoted to technical officer with a 6 grand payrise to boot \o/.
Tell us a little about your gaming history, how did it all start and have you been playing online games for a while?
Hmm, bit of a toughy this one. I guess it all started with Duke Nukem 3D, me and a couple of mates used to link up (serial link, non of this modern LAN stuff) and it all kinda went from there. After Duke it was Quake 1 for awhile then I moved onto the real time strategy game 'Total Annihilation' which is still the best ever game, ever made and kicks the Command & Conquer series in the dangly bits (agree with me cos you wont win). Safe to say I wasted a year or so of my life on that game until Quake 3 came out, only then did I see the light. Joined up with a group of m8's from my TA days and formed the worst clan in the world ever. At least our name was good, well thought out and deserving. We decided to call the team 'Bunch of Arseholes' or BoA for short. We had some good times and some bad times and after playing this bunch of muppets called PR^ I decided to get to know them a bit because I felt they needed some one l33t like me, well cannon fodder to be precise. I loved my time in PR^. Must of been in for 2 years or more (and still an honoury member as we speak) meeting up with the lads for LAN's and making some good friends in the process. In total I'd say I've been playing online games for over 6 years (at a guess).
You left our now inactive Q3 team a few years ago why was this, and just what have you been doing since?
All was peachy until I played the demo for RTCW (Wolfenstein) and I got hooked straight away. A couple of the lads joined the same team as me called Digital Heresy (Spanjab, Nucleus, Ahab) and we started our charge to conquer the UK RTCW scene. We never quite got to the top in the year or so of playing it but we were one of the top 3 teams in the UK and were well respected. I was nominated leader too once the current one buggered off (it's never good putting a scouser in charge is it, kinda asking for trouble) but things went well and we kept up the standards. After a year or so it was time for a change, Ahab and Spanjab returned to PR^ for BF1942 (at different times) and I tried it aswell. Pity the game was pants in the early stages so I never got hooked and after a small 4 or 5 month break returned for Enemy Territory. I started from scratch and with a lot of help from the team we had built up we became the UK's number 1 team. Then after 6 months we got fed up with the lack of any other good UK teams to practice with we folded That ended my online gaming for awhile, dh.et returned with a mostly new roster and continue to do well. Then I got talking to Ahab again who convinced me to buy Battlefield Vietnam
Even though you have only just started playing Battlefield Vietnam just what are your thoughts on it, also what are your thoughts on the upcoming Battlefield 2?
The game seems a lot more polished than 1942 was at this time of it's release. I'm a war film junky so the vietnam setting with all the helicopters and stuff really appealed to me even if I did need Ahab to convince me. I think the game should provide plenty of entertaining clan games as the maps/tactics are so varied for it. The game engine seems sound and runs quite fast on my PC which is highly unusual! Also with my background in wolf I find it fairly easy running around as infantry (yes the cannon fodder role seems to suit me) trying to shoot anything that moves.

As for Battlefield 2 I immediately thought no way. That was until I heard it wasn't going to be anything like the setting in 1942. I was intrigued so I downloaded the latest video of it and must say I'm now officially converted and can't wait for it to be released.
What are your personal thoughts of the state of BF:V and is their anything you would like to see changed/removed or added in an upcoming patch..?
I think the signs are good. EA seem to be supporting the game adding lots of extra content and continually patching it like they did with BF1942. The one thing it lacks is clan match tool like an OSP competition style mod, a demo player and imbuilt stats (what can a say I'm a stat wh0re at heart, must have headshots etc etc). I'd like to see a few bug fixes, my first being that god damn awful napalm sound looping bug, man that can drive you f'kin insane. Secondly they need to sort out the crash to desktop issue's. A lot of the things I would like adding seem to be on the horizon with extra infantry maps and colour coded buddy's likely to arrive in the new patch. Now all I need is an aimbot, a wallhack, some cheap watered down lager and a pair of comfy slippers and I'll be right at home.
Just what are your views so far on the current UK BF Vietnam community, and do you see it growing over the next six months or so?
It's hard to say at the moment just how good the teams are from the UK as we are pretty new to the game but if we get our act together I can see us being a contender. As for Europe that's even more of a question mark but knowing euro's I'm sure there will be quite a few l33t teams. The community should keep growing especially since the game is so cheap to buy now, well lets hope so anyway cos I don't want the constant noob cannon fodder supply to dry up, I might have start shooting at people that shoot back.
What are you current plans for dh|Digital Heresy, after just getting the BF:V team setup, and will we ever see the Chippster return 'home' to PR^... ?
Current plans..... World Domination, we will start small by invading Luxembourg or Andora then by this time next year we should be running the USA if all goes to plan. I'd actually settle for a good ranking in the UK to start with while we learn the tricks of the trade and then move onto the European ladders and see what happens. DH has always had a good rep in any game they play so hopefully Battlefield Vietnam wont be any different.

As for me returning home to PR^... I dunno, stop asking horrible questions 1 day maybe we shall see!
Last but not least, where do you see yourself in your life and this online life in six months time from now?
Hopefully minted but I doubt that very much. If that fails I'd like to finally finish doing up our newly acquired home, maybe even start a family next year (the girlfriend has been waiting 8 years so I can't put it off much longer!). Buy a motorbike (cos they look cool), learn to ride it (fairly essential) and hopefully not crash it (even more essential).

As for my online life, I like it just the way it is. hopefully we can get good while not being too serious and have some fun. Maybe even win a few games but as the saying goes... it's not the winning that's important it's the taking part that counts... actually bollox to that, I want to fuck some shit up, now pass me my gun.

(and yes I like using brackets).

This interview was published on the 14 Sept 2004 by HoriZon.

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