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Interview with [KsR] Tan
Tan is the leader of the European/English clan Kingsize Rizla, find out what he has to say!

Tells us a little about yourself, what you do in the real world, also why the nickname ''Tan'' ?
Hi, my real name is Justin Tan and I work for an engineering company as a programmer and general monkey. Basically I draw things on CAD. I live in a town called Watford, near London and my general interests are gaming, Tottenham Hotspurs and general socialising with mates and I enjoy the odd beer now and again The nickname Tan comes from my surname. When I first started to play FPS games, one of my mates - who introduced me to the gaming world - setup my IRC and ICQ and used this nickname since everyone in real life uses it. Now it's just stuck. Thinking about it now, a name like Darth Vader would of sounded a bit cooler
Just when did you start playing online games and just what made you go out and buy BF1942 in the first place?
I was always a games nerd at heart having started with a Commamdor 64, Atari ST, Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive, a few handheld devices and then a Playstation as a kid, then a short but sweet break of drinking heavily. I then started with PC online FPS games about 5 years ago. My first proper FPS game was a mod of Halflife called 'Action Half Life'. It wasn't a very popular mod, but the game play and community rocked. It was based on Hong Kong movies such as Hard Boiled by John Woo, so it was totally unrealistic and you could do cool stunts. I played Action Half Life constantly for about 3 years (much to my wife's disgust!) and joined an old skool clan KsR. From there we built the clan up and became one of the top clans for Action Half Life. sadly with everything and especially mods, things get broken and the game play got boring so me and a few others tried some other games and one of those was the BF1942 demo. I wasn't 100% sure about it at the start and a few AHL'ers tried to form a clan to play a clan war for the demo, I was one of the people who played in the match and instantly loved the clan play on Wake Island. From there, on the first day BF1942 was realeased, I was rushing around every games store to buy a copy.
You are the leader of the very talented BF1942 clan [KsR] just how did it all start and how do you find it running a clan, also what have been your highs and lows whilst been in charge?
Kingsize Rizla was formed by a man called Captain Peacock back in the very early days of AHL. Though I never met him, or spoke with him, I'm sure he would be very pleased by what this clan has become. When I first joined, Qball was and still is, the official clan leader though I do most of the running around and match arranging for BF1942 now. I'm more of a front man. Running this clan for BF1942 hasn't always been easy, but there has always been plenty of support from the old skool KsR members and new guys and gals as well. In our early days, we started BF1942 quite late, I think in the 1.2 patch and we found it difficult to recruit players, our tag wasn't famous anymore, so we had to look at promising players. We were lucky to get some good recruits early, so we could at least play a 10 v 10 game, though people have left or moved on and new members have joined. The heart of KsR lies with the older, core members. We always prided ourselves on hard work, determination and never giving up and I think now we are starting to look like a pretty decent BF9142 clan, but the main thing for us is to keep things fun. The low of this clan, I would say was last year while season 2 of the open cup was running. We were also competing in the EBFL league and the Clanbase ladder and crazyily playing 4-5 official games per week. Tension was always running high and we never really prepared well, and hence got raped. Arguments started internally, which resulted in friends leaving. This is something I have learnt from and now make sure we play regular practices to prepare for a game, firstly verse CLF and now PR. Since then we have managed to command a top 40 spot in the Clanbase ladder, I think our highest position has been 10th this year and we also managed a 4th place finish in the MPUK league only losing 3 games. Our biggest achievement so far has to be winning the Clanbase Open Cup division 2 title. I think many clans in Europe were surprised by this, but I always felt we should have been in division 1. I guess they cant keep us back anymore
[KsR] and our self's have some what of a close relationship with each other, but just how do you feel about us and how does this closeness benefit both teams..?
I think our friendship formed after our Clanbase ladder match, where you beat us by about 13 tickets Sidesalad joined our forums and started a thread, we then got chatting and I become quite pally with Doc. If I'm honest, our practice sessions have probably benefited us more, because PR were more experienced and we learnt an awful lot from you guys. I personally think we are stronger in the infantry stakes, but you certainly beat us in the air and in those dam tanks! It has been really nice to have another clan we can train with and I'm sure there is a little friendly rivarly, but I, and I'm sure the rest of KsR, always look at PR's result's and want the best for you guys, as I would imagine you do for us. I know Doc and I share tactics and it's good to have another clan that plays in a different style to ourselves.
What are your thoughts on the latest and maybe the last patch (1.6) for 1942, is their anything you feel which should/could be added to a future release if there were to be one?
The 1.6 patch has been really great for BF1942, punkbuster has stopped the majority of the noob cheaters, but I'm sure it will not pick up the seasoned pro cheats. The new map 'Liberation of Caen' is a really nice map and this seasons Open Cup had a few shock results. The added player options, i.e. map votes and player kicking, has been made easier, but now it's in easy reach it has been abused so most decent servers will have these options turned off. I still think some weapons can be tuned up or down to balance certain things, such as MG42's. I do feel these are a little weak compared to the real life ones. I would maybe like to see a few things fixed in newer patches, such as some British tanks and weaponry added rather then using those dam Yankie weapons. I do hope EA/Dice continue to support 1942. I know Battlefield Vietnam is now here, but I'm sure there are many who will continue to play 1942 no matter what.
What are your current thoughts of the UK/Euro BF1942 community, and which other clan(s) do you look up to if any?
The EU/UK BF1942 community is pretty big, but still with a friendly spirit. I think there is definte divide between the ''pro gaming clans'', the Good clans and the clans who will always play for fun. You can see in the CB ladder that most of the top clans don't compete there anymore and only really play the big online tournaments, such as the Euro Cup and Lan events, which is a shame really. The clans I respect most, are the clans such as yourselves, those who all have real lives, work real jobs, have commitments and can still compete at a pretty high level. Not many of us can sit at our PC's practicing loads to get to the level of what you would call a ''pro gaming'' clan. Other clans I respect are clans like Certamen, who have merged from UGB and fpf, neither of which was anything special, but together have proven to be pretty good.
The UK leagues seem to have died off (the MPUKL should be back though), which mainly leaves ClanBase and a few small European leagues. Just what are your thoughts on these leagues?
The recent MPUK league was probably the nicest league we have played in. It was run very well and in fair spirits, there were practically no disputes or whining and I think most clans thoroughly enjoyed it (though I think Doc haxed it so we met you guys on Guadacanal) As for the European community, that has been very different in the sense of attitudes. I always liked us to play fairly and avoid tactics that would be considered unsporting, but playing against EU clans, you learn fast that attitudes are different and if you don't rape, you will be raped. At the moment the Open Cup has just finished and there isn't much competition, other than the Clanbase ladder. We recently joined the UK Clanbase ladder to keep things fun and toned down and I hope someone will start a new league or even another cup, as the ladder can become a bit repetitive after a while and it's always fun to play maps you haven't chosen yourself, then anything can happen.
I ask everyone this, just where do you see yourself and [KsR] in six months time?
It's difficult to say really. I know I'll always be a Rizla, I think when you have been in a clan as long as I have and you have the opportunity to drive it the way you want, then why would anyone consider moving on, other than retiring? I hope KsR will stay with BF1942 until a really decent game comes out, the kind when you first play it, there is a wow sensation. I know as a clan we can still compete at a pretty decent level and hopefully we can continue to earn our respects from the gaming community (and maybe beat some old rivals in official games along the way!). I think if we can continue to keep the work rates up, we can start to challenge the top clans and from there on, who knows?

As long as it stays funs and the friendships are there, I hope I can keep gaming till I'm old and wrinkley.

This interview was published on the 25 May 2004 by HoriZon.

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