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Interview with [MPUK] JeRkY
The new co-leader of the clan MPUK, also the head admin of the MPUK League!

Your name just what is it about, also if you could tell us a bit about the person behind it, just who are you?
I've had this nick as long as I've been gaming, it started when I used to play doom across null modem at a mates house, my pc at the time only just ran doom, in protest I joined a game as ''Jerky!!!'' and I haven't changed it since (well I took the !!!!!! off)
How did you get into gaming in the first place and end up playing BF1942, have you played any other online games in other clans?
As I said, Doom was where my multiplayer gaming started, after null modem I progressed onto modem play, from there I went through duke 3d, quake, quake 2 HL and CS. My first clan was a CS clan named [WnG] we never made it very far but once found ourselves top 40 in CB after a fluke or two. In fact [MPUK]Imcrap was in the same clan at the time (he is my stalker). I had known imcrap for getting on for 6 years before meeting him for the first time at I-19.

I joined [MPUK] a matter of days after the idea of a clan was formed on the MultiplayUK forums. The clan itself was formed from the staff and regulars of the MultiplayUK I-series LAN events. I managed to scrape through the requirements having just returned from my first i-Lan. I was accepted into the clan after several recommendations from other forum users who had seen me play on the legendry multiplay.co.uk BF1942 demo server, as a complete noob in the Multiplay circles at the time I found it very flattering to be offered a place. My first role was as a pilot, although it fairly quickly became apparent that other people had far more skills in the air. I became a general all rounder playing wherever I was placed.

I am proud of the fact that the MPUK BF team is the longest established MPUK clan to date and possibly the longest running, formed for BFclan in the world? Actually its quite an exciting time for MultiplayUK based clans at the moment, the [MPUK] tag can be seen in many other flavours too now, UT2k4 and Savage spring to mind. There has been moves made to group them into one multi-gamming clan, but at the moment at least we are all separate entities.

As well as playing for MPUK, I was also one of those amongst the first (and clearly the best) UK squad.
You are the new joint leader of [MPUK] with Njoroge resigning and leaving..? How do you find it running a clan, and just what are you guys playing now?
Njoroge is still a member (hehe) seriously how could he not be I always knew NJ put a lot of work into running the clan, but quite how much surprised me more when I took over. I consider myself lucky to have inherited the controls of a clan that I have known and whom have known me for some time now. The responsibility is a big step up from where I felt my place was within the clan before, but I feel both my self and tHORy are doing well in our new positions.

[MPUK] is now primarily playing Battlefield Vietnam, and are getting good at it. Were taking things fairly slowly and developing our style. To date we've only played one official match in Clanbase. In total we have played nine games and won them all. Our victories so far include some good names, From the EU we've had EJW and good old Nbrigade, and of course yourselves (a close match and very well played for a first time effort btw).

[MPUK] is still holding on to BF1942 though, we have an occasional 4v4 infantry game, its basically for fun, I have no real intention of being a top 4v4 clan, although it may happen by accident: P. Sadly it looks like our conquest days in 42 are over, the interest just isn't there for it anymore.
Just how is the clan finding Battlefield Vietnam, as most people seem to think its just a ''mod'' to its predecessor rather than a new game in its own right?
The clan fell in love with this after first playing the ''new EOD patch '' at i19, to be honest it took me a lot longer to learn to like it. Like many others I thought it was BF for noobs at first. My mind was changed after I played a few decent clan matches and was shown how tactical the game could be if played correctly. Obviously it needs a hell of a lot of patch work in order to be any where near as polished as BF42 was in 1.6, but it will happen some time. I still feel EA shouldn't have released it in direct competition to UT2k4; instead they should have spent a month or so more on development. I think to dismiss the game, as a MOD is possibly a little short sighted, there is some interesting development in the game and the idea as a whole isn't too bad. I do miss playing 42, in particular I feel 42's theatre of operations was far more interesting on a personal level, I still feel that it takes more skill to get a kill in 42 than it does in Nam. That said, BFv has lead us to emphasise on tactics and teamwork far more than we ever did in 42 and that can only be a good thing.

I think the take off of BFv in Europe has been slower than it has in the UK, there are many BF42 clans experimenting in the UK, but it seems less so amongst the ''known names'' in the EU at the moment. In the UK we have the familiar faces of FTA, SAS, MPG, 77crew. As well as BF related clans, the new game seems to have spawned a whole new bread of player and clans, with many moving on from other games such as CS and UT to play BFv.
What are you current views of the recently announced true sequel to Battlefield 1942 (code named for now) - BF2..?
You mean Desert Combat? In all seriousness the game engine (the little we've heard of it) sounds like it will offer some serious advance to the genre, The possibilities of bigger battles also sounds good, although some serious work will need to be done to prevent bf42/bfv style large server lag (a quick look at the game ''soldat'' gives hints of how it may be). I am not going to lie, when I first heard the rumours BF2 was going to be based in the WW2 I was seriously looking forward to it, the DC era game will still be on my shopping list, although perhaps not on a pre order as quickly as it would have been if it were WW2 based. If the game looks to be as good as either of its 2 predecessors then I can certainly see a good number of BF42/BFv clans moving to it coupled with newcomers from other games.
Can we expect to se a second season of the highly popular and well run MPUKL any time soon? Also how did you feel the league turned out, was it all you expected?
Hopefully yes, although a little research is needed before anything gets confirmed. Basically over the next month I will be posting polls to gauge peoples opinions as to what form the second season should be, BF42 or BFv. it has to be said if the 2nd season is on 42, it would be unlikely to feature an MPUK squad. Depending on which way the vote swings, there are also some interesting possibilities for the league to develop and evolve.

The League ran superbly, every one involved did their part to make it so. My only little disappointment was that we played so poorly against you. It seriously was a case where we should have practiced before hand.
What are your views of the current UK 1942/Vietnam scene, we have had troubles lately with a certain UK clan, but how are you finding it?
The UK BF community in general seems to be made up of the slightly more mature type of gamer, I have always had a lot of respect for UK clans for treating the game as a gentleman's (or woman's) sport rather than all out war as some on the continent see it. BFv has attracted younger players, and this is evident in public servers, and sadly also some clans. But certainly the majority still deserve respect, and even those clans that have rubbed up badly against us have had members in them willing to apologise on behalf of a teammates actions. That deserves respect in its self.
Lastly, just where do you see yourself and [MPUK] in six months time?
Six months is a long time in online gaming. We were a good clan in BF42; I know MPUK and PR^ always had their differences, but certainly on behalf of MPUK there was a feeling of deep down admiration for each other. In BFv we are aiming to be amongst the best. We have already beaten some top clans in our new direction, and feel we certainly have the ability to take the #1 spot in CB, soon. We would also like to see an Open Cup for Vietnam; if one is started I feel we would be in with a good chance.

Apart from that we have 2 I-series to attend, fingers crossed there will be a Vietnam tournament. I'm still looking to hit the magic figure of £1000 worth of prize money donated to charity by [MPUK]BF, 1 more win will do it. If not in Vietnam, then I'm sure we will have to field a 42 team to hit this target

Between the 2 I-series, a number of the clan (present and past) are off to get drunk and lick Njoroge in Switzerland towards the end of the summer. That's why I like MPUK so much, the regular social events are great fun.

This interview was published on the 08 May 2004 by HoriZon.

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