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Interview with PR^DaWomble
He joined us over a year ago now and is still hanging around, find out his views on BF1942, life and us.

Your name ''DaWomble'' where is this from, is it a homage to the wombles of a certain Wimbledon common. Also who is the man behind the name?
I played a lot of LANs and watched a fair few mates online before I came up with my name... I suppose the important thing I wanted to get was something that would stay with me and people could recognize me by, preferably nothing to l33t either (''DeathBringer'' - Mmmm scary!). I don't remember how/why I came up with DaWomble, I can remember where though, it was in a chemistry lab at college waiting for a mate to finish blowing stuff up! That was when I was starting my own clan with a few college mates (more on that later)... On the whole I've always stayed with DaWomble, although for the various RPGs I've played I tend to change it to Orinoco, and it's seemed to have worked well. In the last few months I've met people playing BF:V and Planetside who I had not spoken to since my Wireplay Action Quake 2 days who recognized my name, was good to reminisce about the good old days! Never had anything to do with The Fluffy Wombles of Wimbledon, I was more of a Ulysses and Mysterious Cities of Gold kid (for the benefit of most of PR^ they were along time after ''Bill and Ben''! ).

''The man behind the name''... well I'm 23 (just), been working as a Geographical Information Systems Supervisor for the last few years since I left uni., basically I use computer software to analyze and display spatial data (off maps, aerial photos and satellite images), fortunately I was lucky enough to get in a very small company early on and grow with it. If it was not for this I think I'd go mad looking at maps on computers all day! Spare time I'm a keen snowboarder, I managed to get off to Montana and Lapland this past season and now the snows gone I'm getting into running - shall be doing the Great North Run this year.
Tell us a little about your gaming history, how did it all start, have you been playing online games for long, and if yes any other clans?
Started playing at a mates LAN, about 5 of us would take our meaty Pentiums and play Quake. Still yet to find a game able to provide quite as satisfying a moment as when you gib someone across the map! Or the scream of anguish as the guy sitting opposite realizes he's in the water with a cattle prod wielding mad man who just found the invulnerability :E Quickly moved on to Quake 2 and managed to persuade my mum to let me get the internet (for educational purposes of course!) - That's when I found Wireplay, played a lot of death match, racking up some healthy phone bills in the process. Then the ''Extremities CD'' was released and so my addiction to Action Quake 2 was born... AQ2 saw my first introduction to clan play with NCP (National ClanPOON). This was the clan that me and my college mates setup - we competed in the Wireplay AQ2 league and floated about the top 3 - good days AQ2 stayed with me through college however university didn't leave any real time for online play, I had a fairly poor machine (albeit being connected to the uni. T1 line) and so kept in touch a bit with the occasional game of AQ2 and Quake. The next two years at uni. I got into Ultima Online and the RPG scene, (Guilds [Friends of Yew & The Darkcloaks], Role-play and a strange dialect consisting of lots of ''Hails'' and ''Well Met''!) very strange days but a lot of fun. A brief time of CounterStrike followed by an introduction to the Wake Map on a friend's machine, and the realization that I needed to upgrade. Along came BF1942, joined up with [NBK-IGC]... was a good fun clan but did not really compete in the top level which is what I was after. After looking in Clanbase for the top UK clans I was turned down from MPUK (Phew! ) for not having been to any I-series, and soon after joined PR^ Since which I've dabbled with Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies and currently World War 2 Online.
Do you think Battlefield 1942 has turned out well with all the patches its had since it came out, or is their something you feel still needs to be added..?
Yeah on the whole BF1942 has IMO turned out to be one of the greatest games I've ever played, there is no one class or weapon that I feel is unbalanced, and the ability to hold your own on a server, be it in a tank, plane or just as an infantry grunt makes it a fantastically playable game.

My only regret is that there were not more official maps released that could've been taken up by the leagues out there... but hey maybe they'll get it right with BF:V?! *Cough* BullShit *Cough*
We have recently started to play Battlefield Vietnam, just what are your views on this and that of the game itself?
I'm all for giving BF:V ago... I've tried my hardest to get into it. It's the sort of game I find fun for an hour or so but then it quickly pisses me off, I just don't see it holding my attention like BF1942 has. I won't go into all the issues I have with it, just go read (if you haven't already) one of the thousand slating reviews in the forums. But the biggest gripe I have with the game is that of the support, still no patch?! And it took them long enough to even post any recognition of the issues the community were having with it.

I suppose deep down I like the sort of game where you can really get involved in the action, get to see the whites of the enemy's eyes and all that. Nothing like getting in a good old infantry battle, taking out a few before running out of ammo, switching to pistol, taking out a few more and then even getting in a swift knife kill before taking a flag (You just don't get that with BF:V - and anyone who says you can is just lying or deluded by the pretty graphics).

As far as PR^'s BF:V involvement goes - I'm willing to stay with PR^ and see how BF:V improves. I personally hope though that the novelty of it soon wears off and people return to BF1942. We shall see...
A new Battlefield game has just been announced BF2 what are you initial views on this?
Well I've looked at the interviews and seen the piccys and my first thought was probably something along the lines of ''WOO YEAH'', it certainly seems to have all the ingredients for a great game. They seem to have thought about what the public really wants... I like the sound of destructible environments and the commander role. The real question is will it compete with the much anticipated HL2 and Doom3 to name but a few... only time will tell.
Just what are your thoughts of the UK BF1942 community as it is now, also what are your views of the recent MPUKL of which we won?
I've never really recognized the ''UK Bf1942 Community'', I suppose that comes for having been part of Wireplay in the early days... now that was a community. The lack of any real permanent gathering place be it in the form of a league, forum or a limited number of game servers seems to be the problem. Don't get me wrong though, through friendlys and recently the MPUKL, myself and PR^ as a whole have got to know some real good guys in the UK Bf1942 scene. I hoped another MPUKL league would bring everyone a bit closer, although with MPUK (plus others) heading off into the realm of BF:V I don't know how likely this will be? It would have been nice to see MPUK build upon the success of their first attempt, which on the whole was ran well with a good attitude between clans making it a very enjoyable experience. My only disappointment was the seeming lack of enthusiasm towards the end of the league from primarily MPUK after their obvious target of the number 1 spot was lost... to the point whereby even now a month after the conclusion the web page was never updated with any sort of summary or ''congrats PR^''. Its no secret that there has always been a rivalry between PR^ and MPUK, but to me it would have been just good sportsmanship to tie up the end of the league with some sort of congratulations (aside from those received by a few individuals in IRC and the forums).
PR^ seem to gel as a team very well, with good tactics and commutation and a friendly atmosphere. But how do you see us?
PR^ are a great bunch of guys (and gal ), it's great to play BF1942 with a group of people who are able to aim primarily at having fun but at the same time pose a real threat to the top clans in Europe and hold themselves consistently in the top 20, while maintaining themselves as the number 1 UK clan...
Where do you see your self in six months time from now?
Where else but playing online with the PR^ crew CounterStrike 2 maybe?

*See you on the Battlefield*

This interview was published on the 29 Apr 2004 by HoriZon.

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