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Interview with PR^MaCCCa
MaCCCa joined us in Dec 2002, a year on we ask him how he started playing, also a few views on us as well.

MaCCCa..? where did this name come from, and just who is the person behind it, what do you do while not playing?
Hmm where do I start - The name MaCCCa originally started out as Macca911 this came from my First ISP - the dreaded AOL when every name you want was taken and you had to add a number to the end. So I picked that. It then progressed to as it is now from a m8 in my Tac ops Clan who was called MaGGGs - MaCCCa Kinda matched it. Plus people kept asking me if I liked Paul McCartney or what the 911 stood for. Now they don't ask! The person behind the name is just your average 'Normal' guy. I.E. I aren't lanky, spotty, never experience the joys of outside life kinda guy - you know your average gamer. I like the out doors and aren't geeky looking like members of a certain UK clan!! I live with my posh missus who comes from darn sarth. I have a 7 year old Daughter who I see every other week so I am kinda a part-time dad. When not playing I watch T.V. Stargate especially, walk the dawg, DIY - you know normal real life stuff.
When did you start playing online games and just what brought you to Battlefield 1942 in the first place?
Well my first online gaming experience was back in 1997 when I played Infantry Online - that was a cool game and free!! It ran quite well on my Pentium 166! Then a mate of mine introduced me into what is purely the best FPS every made - Unreal Tournament. (Better than the shite that is called Quake) I played this for about 2 and half years constantly!! I eventually created my own clan called SGC (StarGate Clan) where I met some great friends - we were an average clan and did pretty well, we eventually folded on the release of UT2003 which I have to say was an absolute pile of poo - my Clan mates liked it and we all went our separate ways I was getting into Tac Ops whilst playing UT and joined a clan called GFX which I stayed in for around 6 months. Until the Demo of BF1942 was released which really caught my eye - especially as it coincided with my ADSL installation as it was nice to play a game with minimal ping!! I liked the diversity of the game choosing a tank/plane/boat or a simple infantry an what more could you ask for in a game?
What are your views on BF1942 so far, and how far do you think it can go and grow as a game..?
Well after playing Wake in the Demo for a while getting the game was so exciting for me. All the new maps ect although playing offline I did expect the game to be a little better - I think the developers focused more on the online game play rather than the offline which was a shame at the time. They have improved the A.I. tenfold in the recent updates but I believe the game should have been fully tested first before its release so as not to put off potential online gamers who judged the game based on its offline capabilities. Online BF truly is a masterpiece I doubt I will ever get bored of it but I do feel that it really can't grow much further than it has already. I know they are many mods out for the game but these are absolute tosh - I mean BF Pirates for Christ sake! Hell they will be doing a Tweenies or Teletubby mod next! Although the Blackhawk Down Mod looks pretty impressive.
The lack of UK dedicated leagues is still an issue a year on from BF's release (only an ill fated Jolt League so far) is this a problem or is the CB ladder enough?
When I played UT there were 5 or 6 regular leagues going on and BF has far more players than that did. You can understand why so many aren't been run though due to the hard work it entails for someone to organize. I mean look at all the work Doc put into that league - the guy was a star. He practically ran it on his own. I think with a little support thrown Docs way, be it from Jolt or whoever, it could have been a good league - The UT league they ran, run like clockwork. CB is ok but having a fixed time for matches is a lot better for most people to organize their real lives around. Having said all this there are 1 or 2 leagues popping up so who knows thing may get better soon.
Cheating in games is always going to happen, do you think BF is suffering from it as mush as ''some'' other games?
Nah not really - UT and Tac ops had many cheaters - you learn to deal with it. I imagine there are more games out there with cheaters. It is human nature to cheat - let them cheat it just proves that they are a shite player.
Just what are your thoughts of the UK BF1942 community, and which other UK clan do you respect the most?
There's a community?? LOL I cannot really comment to be honest - I just like to get on and play. I am not one for reading public forums ect and being pally pally with the world and his dog. As for respecting another UK clan.. Hmmmm that would probably have to go to MPUK for having their group picture taken and actually showing themselves to the world on their website!
You joined PR^ last year just what are your opinions of the clan and the people you play along side with?
Well the clan as a whole are awesome! We have come a long way since I joined back in December last year. We have a great bunch of guys here.

I would write a bit about everyone like Sidesalad did but I'll be here all night!! Like I said before they are all great!! I do have my favorites though!!

Ahab/Munkay - Awesome Pilots the guys you love to hate on publics.

Doc/Nutkins - The cogs that drive the clan! Excellent tacticians.

Gad - well what can I say!! He's a scouser and I like scousers!!

Pyro - the man who kinda talks like me.

Then there the 2 southern softies being Salad and Coleslaw.
Lastly, just where do you hope to see yourself and PR^ in the next few months?
Well hopefully I will still be here! and hopefully help take PR^ to the top of CB! Although the clan is getting pretty big now and the competition for places is getting stronger every week. I'm a moaner - If I don't play I moan. There may come a time when I feel I have to move on just to play competitively - playing on publics doesn't have the same effect as playing together as a team. I spend a lot of time in publics usually late on when everyone is in bed and occasionally its annoying when some people who turn up for wars haven't played for quite sometime - play. It's like what Salad said in his interview. But not only that there are better people than me in the clan - I'd rather we put out strongest team then put someone in who moans because they don't play. I have been like this in all clans I have played in. Probably stems back to my childhood of always getting picked last when playing football at school LOL.

This interview was published on the 02 Dec 2003 by HoriZon.

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