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Interview with PR^SideSalad
SideSalad joined us in June of this year, I caught up with him to ask a few questions of the game BF and our clan.

The name SideSalad where did this come from?
When I first played the Wake BF42 Demo I noticed most of the players had names like ''Majorly 0wn Joo'', ''IceMan'' , ''n00bKiller'' or ''OneManArmy'' blah blah flex strut etc etc Stuart (Coleslaw) and I discussed this and decided we should choose really benign stupid names. The logic behind for me was that it would be far more annoying to be killed by someone with a name like ''SideSalad'', this goes to prove that I am a closet griefer at heart
Just when did you start playing online games and just what brought you to this BF1942 game in the first place..?
I suppose my first on-line fascination was a MUD called Dragon Swords (1991?), I did not have a PC of my own at this time but I used to watch Coleslaw play and the seed was planted. My first serious foray into on-line gaming was ''Asheron's Call'', my addiction to this fantastic game was complete and utter. Two years constant play and one ex-girlfriend later Dark Ages of Camelot took over my addiction. It is thanks to inadequacies of modern day MMORPG's that I turned to FPS games, if someone would have told me I would drop RPG based games for FPS a few years ago I would have laughed.
What are your views on BF1942 so far, and just how far do you think you can grow in it?
BF1942 was a breath of fresh air for me, DAOC was becoming nothing more than a glorified chat room and the ''Instant Action'' of BF42 was a great change of pace. The game has unbelievable depth and I still have lots to learn.
The new 1.5 patch just came out the other week, just what are your thoughts on this latest release, and how much has BF improved since the patching began?
Invasion of the Philippines appears to be a very good map although I have only had a few hours so far. On the whole I think the changes made to the game have been positive ones, although I am still waiting for the ''Immunity to fighter planes'' ability for the B17, having MuNkayMaN and Ahab on the same server just about equals the same thing but I would like a permanent fix for increased spawn bombing capabilities
Cheating in games is always going to happen, do you think BF1942 is suffering from it as mush as other games of this type?
Grrrrr....(Disengage Rant Chip) Cool wet grass.... Cool wet grass.... Of course it's always going to happen on Publics, but the question is should it happen in an organised clan league? I am not a programmer but how hard can it be to create software capable of scanning each players machine for hacks etc upon entry to a clan game server? Is this beyond the realms of possibility? I don't think so.
What are your thought's of the UK BF1942 community, and which other UK clan do you respect the most if any?
Sadly the UK BF42 community is in a sorry state, PR^ sometimes struggle to get 10 for clan match and yet we are the best UK team without question, how can this be so? Our only competition is MPUK who have to resort to using MidGay as their home-map (nuff said) So in answer to you question, no I do not respect any other UK BF teams.
You signed up for PR^ in June of this year, just what are your opinions of the clan and the people you play along side with, spill the beans!!?
Doc - Top Wanker Tanker, knows how to keep calm on the battlefield, especially enjoyable to kill on publics as he whines so much about ''Loosing his tank'' etc etc LOL!!!

Nutkins - Grandfather Godfather of the clan and all-round sneaky bastard!! Knows BF inside out and always seems to pop up out of nowhere to shoot you in the ass.

MuNkayMaN - Top Gun & Top Gay Guy, made me feel welcome on day one even though I was still very green around the edges. Great team player, and pretty damn good at all the disciplines. I am sure he will think I am after his ass after reading this but he is the best all-round player in the clan IMHO.

Coleslaw - I could count the number of Assault players on one hand that can live with this guy, he is annoyingly good (And to be fair pretty annoying in general). Never gives his life away cheaply (wish I could say the same about his arse!) and manages to clock up amazing scores while knocking back a bottle or two of Shiraz Rosemount and a dozen skunk joints, impressive stuff

Kaminatcha - Heheheheh!!!!! Where do I start with Kami, makes me smile just thinking about him. Most other times someone like him would end up on the wrong side of my very short temper in no time, but Dennis is so OTT he somehow manages to provide amusement instead of annoyance, even when he's giving me a serious slating by mistake LOL!!! A good all-round BF player, can hold his own at each of the disciplines.

Maister - If we did not have MuNkayMaN in the clan I would have to consider Maister for the ''Best All-round player in PR^'' The only thing that would stop me nominating him would be his comms skills, the fact that he manages to be effective with little or no comms is a testament to his ability. This guy can do it all, with a little more confidence and effort in comms he would be legendary.

Eh Up Chuck Pyro - Joined at the same time as Coleslaw and I, used to play DAOC on the same server as me, was pretty good at DAOC and managed the transition very nicely, handy in a tank and a premier assault player. Love to hear his amusing Northern twang and comms would not be the same without a ''Hello Lads its Pyro'' every now and again Subconsciously I am half expecting him to say ''There's trouble up mill'' at any time.

Craig Charles GaD - Lazy scouse git but where is the surprise there heheheheh!!!! Always slagging himself off for being crap but recently has been putting in some decent performances, just needs to kick Q3 into touch and concentrate on a real game. I have a lovely cockney song for you GaD.

Ugly Scouser

(tune: You Are my Sunshine)

You are a scouser
An ugly scouser
You're only happy on giro day
You're mums out stealing
Your dads drug dealing
Please don't take, my hubcaps away! (repeat)

Captain Birdseye Spanjab - Nice fella, very competent player and knows his stuff, not around as much as I would like him to be though, how dare he have a life!!!!!

MaCCCa - Another competent player who is not around enough for my liking pretty good in a tank and we could do with him around more often.

Jekub & DaWomble - Two players who the clan could do with on a regular basis, Jekub is a top guy and a very good BF player, PR could really do with Jekub on a regular basis. From what I have heard about DaWomble the same could be said, both are the sort of players PR need to recruit. Lets hope that both of them manage to commit more time to the clan in the future.
Lastly, just where do you hope to see yourself and PR^ in say another a year from now?
I expect to see PR in the top ten on the ladder, I hope to see regular attendance of the PR^ members in publics mid-week. I hope to see the end of certain people only turning up for the matches at the last minute. Funnily enough its usually these people who do most of the moaning when it goes wrong. I hope to see PR^ members making full use of the public server we are about to purchase, I expect to see the full team turning up for strategy discussions Days before the match and not 5 minutes before the match. In general I hope to see our clan grow into a more powerful unit.

This interview was published on the 11 Nov 2003 by HoriZon.

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