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Interview with dignitas.ODEE
He's an old Quake 3 player turned BF1942 l33t player, well that's what I was told!

Who is the person behind the alias and what is it with this name, why did you pick it?
My name is Michael O'Dell and I am 31 married with two lovely daughters and I live in Surrey. The name ODEE is basically my real nickname and it is in capitals for obvious reasons unless your a bit simple cos it might be hard to work that out
What is your online history before BF1942 did you or are you still playing any other game, and if so what?
I am relatively new to online gaming getting my first PC aged 28, my best mate bought me Quake 3 and Half Life for Christmas that year. I played Quake 3 online and couldn't stop playing it. My heroes at the start of Q3 were Ahab and Horizon and partly Spanjab until he annoyed me at i10 with his fan near my monitor. I upgraded my conn tweaked my config and got pretty good at Q3CTF playing for some rather good clans and England. I retired from Q3CTF July 2002 and played RTCW for a bit but it was too campy for my liking. I am not sure who but I saw a link posted for BF1942 demo and downloaded it, I was hooked immediately.

I do not play anything but BF1942 at the moment.
What caught your eye about Battlefield 1942 above other similar games in the same genre, just what is it about this game you like?
The thing that got me hooked on BF1942 was the vehicles, planes, tanks I was like wow this rocks after playing Q3CTF for 3 years this was mad, the maps were huge and the game play hilarious. Apart from Q3 & RTCW this is the only online fps game I have played.
LCD/Kompanix merger, how did you feel about this at the time and how is dignitas doing now?
I was all for the merge as soon as I heard about it, LCD had a big summer lull and we lost some key players to inactivity and boredom, including Ethereal a good mate of mine. The merge seemed the perfect solution to our problems in my eyes and Kompanix's problems. Dignitas is progressing nicely we are integrating well and learning each others habits and gameplay let alone lots of new voices. Dignitas can only get better and with 20 top class players I believe we will be stronger than LCD was and LCD quite frankly ruled.
What are your views on the latest patch, is there anything you feel which could be added to a future release?
I didn't really notice any difference with the current patch I like the new Jap gun a lot but its slightly too powerful compared to the others, the Russian gun is like trying to control a powerful hose pipe so I don't like that really. I want the tank bugs fixed and a limit put on moon flying pilots i.e. how far up they can go, I am mainly assault now and I am quite happy with this patch. We have to have a spectator mode sooner rather than later and an anti cheat thing like punkbuster or osp quickly.
With the current state of BF leagues in the UK only a Jolt League so far (looks dead now) and the CB ladder, do you see this a as problem or is the ladder enough?
Ladders suck big time and are not really representative of a clans full potential, weakness etc, Clanbase OC is the main league in my eyes at this time. Up North is a real league with divisions but Scandanavian, it would be nice to see a euro weekly league with divisions.
How do you feel the 1942 community is, what does it need to grow more and who do you mot respect in the UK/Euro community?
I like the community its nicer than the Q3 one a lot less wankers but there are a few I kind of get on with lots of people all the ex Lemmings players obviously MPUK, PR, sQ and SAS, I respect CP a lot they are very talented lots of Germans are nice too 187 and StS but certain German clans are a disgrace for their out of game activities
Where do you see team .dignitas and yourself in a years time?
Dignitas will hopefully be on a beach in Barbados rolling in prize funds from lans If the game stays as good as it is now I will still be playing thats for sure.

This interview was published on the 28 Sept 2003 by HoriZon.

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