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Interview with PR^MuNkayMaN
MuNkayMaN is one fine BF1942 player, here he answers a few questions on BF, his past and us.

A very odd name to say the least, just why did you pick this name, and who is the 'ape' behind it?
Originally it was Monkeyman which was from the Monkey Japanese TV series which I used to find hilarious, especially after a few fatty boom battys (ask Doc.) Then shortly after I changed it to Munkayman as that's how this Chinese guy used to say monkeyman, just think Chinese accent.

In real life, my names Paul, I'm 24, live in Oxford and work as an IT bod for Oxford Uni. When I'm not playing BF I'm either running, reading or drinking. Like a lot of others in PR, I'm also engaged and looking to probably have the wedding next year.
How long have you been playing online games and games in general.. where did it all start for you?
I've been playing games since I was around 5 or 6 when my parents bought a Commodore plus 4 from Debenhams for £100. From that computer onwards I've had just about every games console/computer under the sun at some point, looking back it's been an extremely unhealthy obsession from day one. Even to the point of actually stealing 10p from a stall to play pac-man at a car boot sale when I was a nipper, then subsequently getting caught and having to apologize to the old bag. Anyway, Online gaming opened up a whole new arena and I was one of the first users of BTs renowned Wireplay service in 1998 I think. Jedi Knight was my game then and I used to win HMV vouchers most months. UK champion for around a year at that which was cool because of the great community spirit there, I really do miss it and feel the UK gaming scene lost itself when Wireplay disappeared. Don't miss the 2.5p per minute charge though!
How did you get into BF1942 and what are your opinions of it so far and what do you think of the 1.4 patch?
The whole BF1942 thing started when I was bored, I decided to install a demo of the game (I usually install 1 maybe 2 demos a year if that) which was on Wake of course, I really got into it and preordered it a couple of days later. The flying started later on after many attempts at takeoff on empty servers, then came strafing, then bombing, etc and it comes together quite well now. I would say this is easily one of the best games I've ever played, the sense of freedom, the graphics, simple control system and great support from EA/DICE just create a fantastic environment.

The 1.4 Patch is fine I think, they're adding more and more to the game and getting closer to what BF should be I feel. There are some key things missing still like a proper clear voting system to get rid of troublesome players, a HLTV like interface would be good too. DICE get a lot of flak (sorry) for various bugs that arise but at the end of the day they've created this game and improved on it dramatically since v1.
Just what are your views on ClanBase Ladder some people think its unfair but what are your views of it?
The ladder was better earlier on I think, it seems to just stagnate these days which can get a bit old seeing the top clans stay at the top. One thing I find irritating is the way that new clans join the ladder, win a couple, lose five or six and then create a new clan. Also the huge number of muppets frequenting some servers is a worrying trend in general, those people who join a server and just cause trouble and shout JAJAJAA XD all the time need introducing to a big stick. But after all that it works for the time being and there is no alternative we can all use.
Exactly what are your opinions on the UK 1942 community, and do you see it growing even more..?
As it stands at the moment I think it's reasonable, there's a fair few UK clans out there and I'm sure there'll be even more soon. I like the fact that most of the UK clans aren't all kids either, seems to be more of a mature community rather than a Grange Hill affair. As a community we could've made more of an impact in the Clanbase Cup but it never happened, that needs to be sorted next time for sure.
What have been your greatest moments so far while playing BF1942 for PR^ and why?
I can't really pinpoint any one particular moment but there have been some great matches. It always feels good if you can help somebody out from the air, taking out a couple of tanks or some infantry just when people need it. If somebody's in trouble then usually me or Ahab can get there before anyone else does and deal with it.

The best matches have always been the well planned ones where we know what we're doing, keep a cool head under pressure and know what the enemy is up to. A good example of this is Guadalcanal as Axis, we're unstoppable there as we play that an absolute treat now and could take anyone at it I feel.
Just what are your thoughts about PR^ the way we operate as a clan, and who do you rate as a player in the clan?
I'm happy to stick with PR^ for as long as they'll all have me I respect everyone in the clan (except that two bit hoe Josephine) and enjoy the matches we play. Even if we start playing Duke Nukem Forever instead of BF I'll probably stay, it's nice to find a decent bunch of English players in a good clan. It's been great to get involved in the recruiting side of things as well, nice to see they're all settled in now. Really like the way we have a decent webby, forum and server, without these we're nothing tbh, that side of thing's seem to be excellent. Whenever there's a match it's in the schedule on the forum, with tactics as well from Nutkins who should get commended for the amount of time he puts into that.

I rate pretty much everyone in the clan but special mentions have to go to Ahab and Doc for the way they play. Great co pilot is Martin, good on comms and he can take a plane off your tail really quick. Doc is the best tanker I've seen, on publics and in clan matches.
Where do you see yourself and the clan in six months time?
That's a hard question as I generally don't think even an hour ahead let alone six months, that's not because I 'live for the moment' or anything like that it's because I'm a disorganized eejiot. But I can say with some certainty that I'll be doing the same stuff as I am now, in BF, PR and real life. Hopefully PR^ will be in the top ten by that time where they belong, with the best clans like FF, LCD, rl and MPUK

We have a fantastic squad that (with preparation) can take any clan out.

This interview was published on the 24 Aug 2003 by HoriZon.

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 07 Oct '07 - 19:02
ah good interview m8 just re-reading these

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