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Interview with PR^Sosha
Next up is Sosha who joined us in January of this year. He also plays for a successful USA BF1942 clan.

The name Sosha just where did this come from, and just who is the man behind the name?
Well my real name is Aaron Bunton, I'm 19 and English, I should be going to University either in September or the following year. The name was given to me about 4 years ago, I joined a second team while already on one so needed a second name. Since the team was Dutch I let them pick it, the meaning is a secret :>
Just how long have you been playing online games, what else are you playing atm?
I started playing online games about 5 years ago in Delta Force 1, I played for a long time and tried some Counter-strike along the way. I played Medal of honor for about 6 months when it came out, as well as Delta Force: task Force Dagger. Right now I'm still big on Battlefield but I've been playing a lot of RTCW:ET
What made you go out and buy and play BF1942, what do you like about it above other similar games?
My old clan had been following the game a long time, I tried the beta and loved the demo, I bought it when it came out and eventually joined an old team from Medal Of Honor. I like the strategy aspects and the whole vehicle thing about Battlefield, it's very unique.
You also play BF1942 for a successful USA clan, just how did this all come about, and how is it going?
I began playing games with Americans back into Delta Force because of the better competition. I stuck a DF team for MOH and joined a Battlefield team with some old teammates. We started d.emise, the CAL season 1 champs but towards the end of the season I had an arguement and joined up with the 20 Inch Dongs, nice name huh. Anyway we went on to win CAL season 2 after an ''interesting'' match with demise, but chose not to continue with Battlefield. I rejoined demise shortly after. Between the two teams we've won every 12v12 event in America.
What are your views of the ClanBase Ladder system, and do you think the UK is lacking its own mainstream league from say BarrysWorld?
I don't like ladders, the whole ''pick a map each'' system is stupid as well as letting the top teams be lazy, teams also wont challenge if they know they'll lose. Europe needs a league with a set match time each week, with a different set map each week.
Speaking of the CB ladder, we have till now been doing very well, just what are your thoughts on this?
I think the team have had a few roster problems, I haven't helped much as I've been pretty inactive for a while now. I'm sure we'll bounce back however.
Since joining PR^ who do you most respect as a player and a team m8 within the clan?
Nutkins is a great leader and does a lot of work, I like most of the guys though. Munkay is one of our best players, ynotkill is great fun, as is Doc.
Where do you see yourself and PR^ six months from now?
Either still playing these games or in university, I'd like to see PR^ reclaim the #1 spot in England.

This interview was published on the 10 Aug 2003 by HoriZon.

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