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Interview with PR^Ynotkill
Ynotkill joined us for Quake 3 last year, but moved over to BF1942 with us. He still plays Q3 for basic.rip though.

Just why did you pick this alias, also who is the man behind it what does he do?
Tony = ynot spelt backwards. I saw a few ynots kicking about on IRC/MSN etc so I added the ''kill'' afterwards so ppl know i'm a ynot of the fragger variety. I'm an I.T. Administrator working in London....boring, but suits my hobbies. I've only just really started work last year as I'm fresh out of uni, and still a student at heart I think.
How long have you been playing online games and games in general?
Games... forever. Had a BBC when I was about 7 years old... even wrote a little quiz on it in basic, but as much as my parents disuaded it, I had to also play all the games on it I could lay my hands on. Same with all the computers and consoles I've had ever since (gameboys, amiga's, atari st, sega master and mega, n64, playstation, xenon on the 386 and the rest).

Online gaming started at home with me and my bro trying Red Alert online for 1p per minute playing each ISP for its free month for a full year (cos we were kids with no money and at that time there were no free ones!). Then came a little MUD called Discworld (telnet into discworld.imaginary.com to play for free) which was the most addictive game I've ever played.

Then in the 2nd year of uni I found quake 3, which I'm still playing to this day. Last year me and my flat mate downloaded a demo of BF1942 which is the only game ever to pull me away from the addictively of q3.
What is it to you that makes BF1942 different from Q3, and do you still play it in a clan and if so how is that going?
BF1942 is slower...much slower than Q3. The lessoned pace allows me to enjoy a game for once rather than be totally engrossed in winning 100% of the time (i.e. q3). Q3 is a very linear game....you can forever improve at it, but there are only a limited number of things to improve...movement, aim and map control. BF1942 however allows a wider range of improvement because of the vehicle types, infantry types and combination of the two, not to mention the 3 skills in q3.
Above all BF1942 is an awe game, once you load it up on a public server and see planes overhead, jeeps rushing past and tanks rumbling in the background, you really feel like your in a war....classic.

I still play for a q3 clan, My time between both games is halved. I play for rB and we're not that bad really...we just got pipped to the post for a Div 1 BW place in the playoffs last season for the 4v4 TDM, so there's plenty of motivation to play.
What are your personal thoughts of the latest BF patch (1.4) is their anything you would like changed or removed/added for the next release?
Heh, 1.4 started off funny once I found out how to glide for a long distance off of tall buildings, then got silly with the superman thing. Other than those 2 bugs that should both be fixed soon, the patch isn't bad. I've also heard about fog dll's in 1.4 where all the fog is removed therefore more snipers on publics. There's also more snipers because they've made the code better for those slimey bastards, but then at the end of the day what decent online FPS hasn't got the snipers
The UK still lacks a dedicated league, do you see this as an issue or is the ClanBase Ladder enough?
Clanbase are class, but you cant get around the fact, your gonna have difficulties when there is no admins for each game and the pings vary widely. Anyway, the Jolt League seems like a decent dedicated league to me and that's in the UK isn't it?
What have been your greatest moments while playing Battlefield 1942 and why?
Damn, I knew you'd ask this and I cant f'ing remember their names, but we once beat a squad that were leading the ladder and the tension before the game was brilliant...real electricity and the best thing was we were all thinking ''we can beat them'', ''we can beat them''. And we did.
One other class moment for me personally was again against a clan (again, I cant remember the name), but I was defending the village on guadal as an infantry, killed 3 incoming enemy infantry, the last being an Anti-Tank personel, picked up his kit off the floor when I saw a tank coming, blew that up using the AT rocket kit I picked off the corpse then killed another infantry with the colt to keep the village safe. Was a rush and one that sticks in the mind.
You joined PR^ last year for Quake 3, and like all clans we have problems a lack of leader for one, but how do you see it from your prospective?
True. Quality leadership takes time. There are certain people you trust with orders and other times when you get told the tactics, you just want to cringe and complain. I personally trust Nutkins tactics and decisions in game and I hope nutty continues to lead us and guide us to better teamplay and victories.
Just where do you see yourself and PR^ in the future..?
If we recruit a little more, which I hope we do (coldslaw is a class recent signing btw) then there's no reason why we cant improve and contend with the big boys. The game is much more established now so it will only get harder as the better players join the game and compete with other clans....we just have to sign them up first!

This interview was published on the 29 July 2003 by HoriZon.

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