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Interview with [MPUK] Njoroge
He runs the clan Multiplay UK he was also the captain for the UK BF team on ClanBase!

Just who is Njoroge, what are his likes/dislikes, tell us about your online history and why this name?
In short, I'm a 24 year old software developer living in Switzerland. I moved out here 2 years ago after finishing a 5-year uni course and have not regretted it in the slightest. Hot sun, great snow, beautiful women and a good wage - be tempted all of you!

The handle Njoroge was given to me by a Kenyan friend of mine at uni. His nickname was Njiru after a racing car driver in Kenya called Patrick Njiru. By the same rationale he started calling me Njoroge (in-joe-rogue) after a driver called James Njoroge. It never stuck as a nickname, but it did as a handle. These days ppl just call me Nj.

I started gaming online in the days of Total Annihilation where I was well known especially from the newsgroup alt.games.total-annihil. My move into FPSs didn't really happen until I started going to Multiplay UK LANs (the MPUK clan's namesake) where I dabbled in Quake 3 and played CS online with my small clan .BFC. (yes that does stand for biscuits for cheese for anyone that remembers the last PR^ v MPUK match). Now .BFC. are a subclan of MPUK and are mostly just a group of friends who meet up in various continental cities and get utterly lashed on whatever local beer they have available.

Likes: skiing, squash, drinking, MPUK LANs
Dislikes: Answering questions in the right order, stupid people.
Just how did you get into Battlefield 1942 and what are your opinions of the game so far and the new 1.4 patch?
I started playing the BF1942 demo at StratLAN 10 - the smaller of the MPUK LANs (80-100 people afaik). Because of the small number of people at the StratLANs there tends to be one game that we all play to death. At that LAN it was all about Wake island and we all loved and it played it to death.

Overall I think the game has been very well designed, I could rant about how good it all is for hours. The whole concept of the game I really like - the combination of vehicles and skills that mean teamwork is more vital than in any other game. The fact that it has come together in a game that looks amazing, has very well designed levels and has a simple and effective flag capture system makes it IMO one of the best games around.

I'm not the kind of person that loves or hates it when a game gets patched - Things change and I just tend to live with them. I like all of the things that have been modified, but I still feel that we're a couple of patches away from getting it finally right. The things that are clearly missing are spectator modes. The additions of chasecam, demo recording and ultimately BFTV would make the game much more of a spectator sport at LANs. The BF final in the i16 tournament was great fun to watch, but could have been so much more.
You run a successful BF clan [MPUK] how did it all start and where do you see it going?
The [MPUK] BF clan started at StratLAN 10 and has been going on since. The strength of the clan is that we all know each other in person and are all good friends. As far as where we're going, I think we've already arrived. We play 2-3 games a week and play at Multiplay UK LANs against all comers but that is about the extent of us as a clan. We just enjoy playing competitive games and with almost 100 official games so far we're doing ok so far.
The ClanBase Ladder is still the main league in Europe, with no ''BarrysWorld'' league on the horizon, what are you thoughts on these?
There are a number of EU BF ladders but indeed CB is the most popular with over 160 clans. I think that the BF community is only just starting to grow and when it hits its peak there may be room for more official ladders, but at the moment CB is filling the void very well. In truth I like the idea of 1 central ladder, but the inclusion of a UK only ladder would also be quite nice. Multiplay were considering running a BF league at some point, but that would mean I would have to do even more so I overruled the whole idea - I'll just leave it to the big boys
What are your views of the UK 1942 community, and do you see it continually growing over the next year...?
The UK BF community is really growing at the moment - the last LAN Multiplay ran was i16 and BF was the game of the LAN. BF was played almost continually, the only breaks being filled with games of BF Pirates, EOD and DC. Not only that but the copies of BF that were being sold all sold out over the 3 days. I admit that the Multiplay UK LAN scene is only a tiny fraction of the UK gaming scene, but it certainly seems that BF is being recognised more and more.
You were the UK captain for our team in the Nations Cup on ClanBase, how did this come about and are you going to continue your role?
The nations cup was mentioned in conversation in #mpukbf1942 and a few of the better know UK BF players suggested that I should put myself forward as captain. Having already got backing from SAS, WK, 1rb, NBEU and LCD I decided to apply for the role. I went about getting support from other top UK clans and was supported by everyone - thanks guys!

The Nations Cup ended with Sweden taking the gold and Germany taking the Silver, but the UK team put up a good fight. Although we lost I feel that the Nations Cup was a superb catalyst in getting the UK and EU players and clans together. Thanks to the relationships we've gained a pickup game between all of the top BF clan members can be organised in a single evening. Now while playing on publics the CLF, SAS, 1rb, LCD and MPUK players now share the same comms.

I think next year I will let someone else be captain - It was fun and rewarding, but also hard work. I will certainly be about to help run trials and provide servers - with any luck I'll also get picked to play
PR^ and [MPUK] seem to be the main UK BF teams at this time, we have only faced each other twice (at this time) in an official match, how do you think the rivalry is between us if any?
There is a healthy rivalry, but that only makes the games more interesting! There is a natural apprehension between the top clans of any battlefield, and this is also true for the top UK BF clans, PR^ and [MPUK]. We are currently on an aggregate draw in games and are both battling for a higher place in the CB ladder. Soon we will face each other off again in the battlefield, and with any luck we're also meet at the upcoming LAN, i19 in March. The PR^ clan are well known Q3 players from past i-series, it would be good to get your BF team in to make a name for themselves too and perhaps give [MPUK] some competition in the BF tourney!
What does the future hold for [MPUK] and yourself??
The future for [MPUK] is simple - carry on playing regular games, meeting up at LANs, sharing homoerotic banter and making fun of anyone in our clan with an accent on comms. For myself - I'll carry on devoting my time to the clan and hope to meet all of the non-MPUKers at LANs and show them a bit of MPUK style high-speed beer drinking.

Thanks a lot for the interview and I look forward to seeing you all at i19!

This interview was published on the 20 July 2003 by HoriZon.

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