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Interview with PR^Jekub
He came from the depths of Wireplay and clan KC then vanished almost.. but he then joined us for BF1942.

Just who is Jekub and where is he from, what do you do when you are not playing BF1942?
My names Tim, I'm 26 and live out in the sticks near a pit of a town called Basingstoke. When I'm not playing BF I'm normally playing something else, watching a movie, mucking about with my car / power kite / cats / garden / barbecue / whatever. I seem to spend all my time at the moment talking about weddings and honeymoons, but thankfully that'll be over in a month and I can get a life again
You ran the old.. old clan [KC] ''Kill Cult'' back in the days of Quake 2 and Wireplay, what are your views of this time?
I founded KC about two months after Quake 2 came out and ran the clan for two years, with a lot of help from Gazza, Grom and P, it was a bit of a democracy. Wireplay was probably the most fun I've had playing online games, I love BF, but the tight community of wireplay is nowhere to be found these days. I suppose it was because it was an enclosed environment, everyone knew everyone else. Arseing about playing mixed team games or dueling till the early hours was a lot of fun, if a bit expensive on the phone bill at the time.
The name Jekub where is this from, and what's your online history after KC ?
Jekub came from Pratchetts Bromeliad trilogy, it's how the gnomes pronounced JCB. I kind of liked it, so it stuck, I had to get rid of the "Cereal Killer" name I used when I started playing Quakeworld, it was funny for about a week. After KC I played Quake 3 for Grom and P's uNF (Unfettered Monkeys.) Unfortunately Q3 just didn't stick to me, I wanted something that was a bit different. I started playing a lot of CS around beta 5 and eventually found my way into the Quake 2 Llamas run by my old mate Gazza. Q2L had a lot of familiar wireplay Q2 faces when I joined, and CS was still not the big thing it is now. We were never anything special but we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately CS did become popular and attracted the worst kind of idiots, not to mention the cheating, it stopped being fun to play and the clan eventually folded. Next move was PR.
What was is which brought you to Battlefield 1942 as a game, what do you like about it?
I saw the movies of BF from E3 when they first released them online, it was instant attraction. The game reminded me a lot of Tribes, which I loved and played for a long time, though only very briefly in a clan. I've always liked the idea of a big battlefield, with classed infantry and loads of vehicles. The world war 2 setting was the icing on the cake. When the multiplayer demo arrived I was instantly hooked, sure it had problems and bugs but the gameplay out shone all of it. I loved that they kept everything arcade, you don't need to remember a sims worth on controls for each vehicle, which keeps the gameplay at the front and makes for a great experience.
What are your thoughts of the BF ClanBase Ladder as its still the main competitive league/ladder in Europe?
I've never been a big fan of clanbase, but as you say it's really the only option. Without admins in games it's impossible to keep things sportmanlike, for every good game you have where both teams have fun you seem to get two where you have to put up with idiots. I'd like to see clanbase operate a proper league, with strict rules and admins but it's never going to happen, I just hope someone fills in the Jolt league boots, it showed a lot of promise.
You joined our BF1942 team some months ago now, just what are your opinions of us?
I had said to myself about a week before running into Spanjab on a public that I wasn't going to bother with clans again. I'd just stick to publics and enjoy the game. However, a familiar face (well, name on a screen) can change your mind pretty fast. I trialed for PR a couple of days later and decided ''what the hell, if they offer me a place I'll give it a go'', they did so here I am

PR's like putting on an old pair of trainers you've left in the back of the wardrobe for a year, it feels a bit funny at first, but the familiarity soon wins out. The harder aspect is getting used to BF as a clan game, it's far more hectic and impossible to organise than anything I had ever played as a team. It can be a real shock to the system from the small team, enclosed area games like quake and CS. The fixed tactics of those games no longer applies, you can have a plan to start but after that you need to be extremely reactive and have superb communication. As a team PR seems to be progressing in fits and starts with the occasional stall, but maybe that's just me, I've been extremely busy for months now. Every time I think every things sorted for the wedding, the missus thinks of something else that needs to be organised. I'm looking forward to being able to get myself a lot more involved in the team soon, I'm sure there's some new people I've not ever played a match with yet
Who do you most respect as a team player in the clan, and the BF1942 community as a whole?
I'm not much of a community persons these days so I don't know many people outside of PR. However in PR Munkey and Ahab scare the life out of me, how they ever got that good at flying is beyond my comprehension. All the core team that were there when I started are solid lads, they have pushed the team to the position of the UK's No.1, I don't think clanbase properly reflects our potential level in anyway. I think Doc is the player I have the most respect for though, he's always around and works incredibly hard, plus his work on the Jolt league was superb, he's also another damn scary player, I sometimes wonder if he ever leaves his PC
Just where do you see yourself and PR^ in another few months time?
Hopefully at a big Lan party getting pissed up together and having a laugh That and more settled, with a larger core team of dependable people who are used to playing together and working together. I think we'll still be hanging around on the first page on clanbase, hopefully in the top half. Me? I'll be a married man by then , which will mean bugger all has changed but I'll be in a lot more debt than I was before

This interview was published on the 13 July 2003 by HoriZon.

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