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Interview with PR^Kaminatcha
Kam joined us for some BF1942 action in Nov 2002 and he's proved to be a very dedicated member!

So who is Kaminatcha and what is he all about?
Well, the Kaminatcha handle is a result of Comin at'ya, but cause of me second name, ppl used to call me Kaminich at school back in the good old Mother Russia. – Hello to all my mates there if they are reading

In real life, I am basically a regular kind of guy, married, got a decent job...
Please tell us about your gaming story. Is BF1942 your first game or?
Nah… I started playing Quake 1 back in school – all software, we used to play keyboard only, over a IPX lan that we secretly installed on the outside of the school house, over the roof and into the other dorm. None of that wireless mambo jumbo – a proper dos IPX network

I then got into Uni and moved to London – started going regularly to The Playing Fields, a really pioneering (at the time) gaming outfit, which sadly went down... I used to play Q2 CTF regularly on Wednesday nights on their LAN – excellent fun.

Then I got into Ultima Online for a tad – hated it after 2 months – full of dicks. Then CS – played it for 2 years, was a deputy in a really unsuccessful gaming clan, 3MC (Three Man Clan) – they were a good bunch of guys, so had that going... Then BF started to rear its war-torn face in October – practiced a bit, then got picked up by Nutkins and Ahab on a Blueyonder server which takes us up to now really. Oh yah – all these online gaming years have been heavily laced with single player games: Most notably Shogun Total War, Jedi Knight 2, Giants, Civ, GTA III etc...
What do you think about this so called ''e-sports'' phenomenon?
I think its happening – slower that perhaps anticipated, mainly due to the IT markets crash – lack of sponsorship etc... But before it becomes a real sport, a much better, and in my opinion, a standard interface must be developed – both for viewers, and players. Until then, it will not lose a certain 'geek' image that many people attach to it. Then there is chating...

Saying that, there are already some 'stars' that made their money on it, however then come across as obnoxious bastards with nothing to offer to the world apart from the same 'geeky' views that no one gives a shit about – no political statements, no good cause stuff – you know what I mean.
BF1942 as a game, what are your views on it and where do you personally see it going?
BF is a great game – the first one I can trust to be fair in many ways – team based, exciting, skills related, interesting and innovative. Plus the subject matter is dear to my heart. I recon its a good platform for other games developing in the same fashion – for example, when you are a mature gamer, 20+ then you realize that you may never be as quick as a kid – you are slower, have much less time to play and you don't care as much – but then you also realize that you are much smarter than they are, and hence can involve your team better – and in the end win more... I see it developing over the next 2 years or so, until an update comes out, and then maybe switching to that. Or maybe another similar game. Not too keen on the Vietnam idea – all jungle, no variety, and a dumbass American conflict that no one gives a shit about – apart form maybe a small satisfaction that they got their assess kicked by a tiny pathetic nation (sorry to all Vietnamese
What do you think of the leagues/ladders currently running for BF1942..?
CB is good at higher levels – people know how to lose – which is important... Plus they are mainly ok individuals – online at least. As far as the top people, LCD go I have nothing but good things to say about them – we have lost to them several times, but they were graceful about it...
We have been relatively successful in our BF1942 campaign so far, we are one of the best UK clans on ClanBase at the mo, what are your views on this?
Firstly, we are THE most successful UK clan – we got the highest ladder position (at the time of writing) and we have the most wins under our belts. I am sure others will emerge, but in the end, I think we can keep ahead by recruiting their best members We got a good webby, and a strong presence online... Secondly, most of our troubles lie in the area of organization, and that can be helped.
You have been a member of PR^ for over six months, what are your thoughts of us and who do you most rate?
Well I wouldn't play with you guys if I thought anything bad. I think we gel well together as far as skills go. As far as personalities, well, we are all different, but mature, and that means we all have stories to tell, and each one had a different path through real life (our online accolades are broadly similar). In fact I am one of the younger players here as far as I know – being foreign is a saving grace in that sense.
Where do you see yourself and PR^ in say another six months time?
There are 2 ways to say this: I would LIKE PR^ to stay exactly as it is now – round about top 20 in CB, many international matches etc... I do however admit, that it may not work that way, as more opponents emerge, people will get married/have kids/have more kids etc...(maybe not in the next 6 months, but who knows , but I am happy here, and will stick to the end, if there ever will be one. Maybe PR^ will outlive all of its current members – who knows...

This interview was published on the 28 June 2003 by HoriZon.

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