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Interview with PR^Slunge
He has been in PR^ for over a year now, Quake 3 then 1942 just what are his views of us and BF.

Who is the face behind the persona, what does he do in the real world?
Andy Murdoch, 24.. and I work as a umm, a helpdesk dude at the University of Hertfordshire. Basically I'm the person people turn to when they cant print, logon.. scan etc… all the remedial tasks that anyone reading this would have no problem doing
How long have you been playing online gaming and do you think its worth the effort playing in a clan with all the stress involved?
Started playing quake3 a little over 3 years ago now, and been playing that solidly since then. When I was running a quake3 clan, it was quite stressful, but I enjoyed the game and didn't mind putting in the effort. These days, I generally just show up for games, and play (laziness is key). Stress isn't that big an issue really, everyone is fairly laid back and gets on well, and I have taken the attitude that I'm not going to let ''games'' wind me up anymore (and once upon a time, my monitor was often in grave danger of damage)
You play Quake 3 as well as BF1942 for two different clans one been us, how is this working out?
It's no different now really to what it was, when I initially joined PR^ about 2 years ago, I was playing quake3 CTF, at the time I was also playing TDM for the same quake3 clan I am at the moment, gradually PR^ CTF faded and BF1942 took over its place, it all sorta slotted in quite nicely, there have only been maybe 4 or 5 games, in a year or so that have vaguely conflicted, and they were resolved without too much trouble.
What are your opinions on the differences from BF1942 compared to say Quake 3?
Well, quake3 can be much more of a solo game, you grab a rocketlancher, and a lightning gun and go and look for anything green (q3 enemy models) its generally very offensive compared to BF1942. With 1942 you need to plan your attacks and make your moves carefully, one major slip and you can find your self stuck ½ way across the other side of the map, with little chance of taking back what you have lost. For me, its a nice change to play 1942, in quake3 I generally end up storming in to rooms like a lumbering ox and just shooting anything I can see (not always the best ;]) BF1942 forces me to slow down a bit and consider what's happening. Quake3 is great for aim, and 1942 is good for tactics and sneakyness.
You have now been in PR^ for over a year what are your views about us (negative and positive)..?
Well what can I say, generally a sound bunch of lads.. cant say I've ever had a problem with anyone. Back when PR^ played CTF, everyone was game for a laugh and I enjoyed it, and it seems the spirit has lived on and I've gotta say, that teamspeak is always a laugh (Dennis you rule the teamspeak tbh).
What do you think of the ClanBase Ladder system some people think its a tad unfair but what are your view on it?
Well providing the servers are fair, and both teams agree I cant see a problem with it, no one is forced to play anyone else (as far as I know).. I admit sometimes sorting out servers can be a headache, but providing both teams are willing to give a little and be reasonable.. it usually works out.
Do you see PR^ going further in terms of leagues/ladders than they ever did in Q3?
I believe they already have for q3, at the moment pr are one of the top if not the top UK 1942 clan, top 20 in the clanbase ladder, and progressed fairly far in the cups etc. It can only get better (if we actually practice)
Where to you see PR^ and yourself in a years time?
Hopefully where we are now, competing to be the top UK 1942 clan, and mixing it with some of the best in Europe (when things go our way). For me its going to depend what happens when I move in with my girlfriend again, in a few weeks I'm back with her and at the moment there is no possibility of ADSL/cable so its not looking great, hopefully something will sort its self out.

(/me cross's fingers)

This interview was published on the 20 June 2003 by HoriZon.

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