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Interview with PR^Morphus
A member who played in a lot of our games for Q3 but he vanished?

First up, you quit playing Quake 3 in the summer of last year, just why was this?
It seemed everyone else was finding new games to play, Spanjab, Ahab and Chip always seemed to be off playing Wolfenstein. I continued playing Q3 for a while especially as Spanjab came back but there seemed to be a lot of cheating going on especially in CTF. I got a bit pissed off with the cheating especially as game admins would do nothing about it. In cheating I am referring to people making themselves deliberately laggy by uploading at the same time as playing, making them nearly impossible to hit.
You now spend your time playing DAOC, how did this come about?
Blame Dave (Sar) for this one! He wrote an article on DAOC and posted it on his site. I thought it sounded fun so I gave it a go. I still play it today and at this stage I have two lvl 50 chars and two not far off! You wouldn’t believe how addictive it is! This is one game where you can kick back open a tin of beer and relax!!!
Where did you get the name Morphus from and who is the man behind the name, what is he all about?
Morphus came from the film The Matrix. The missing ‘e’ was deliberate as another Q3 guy used that name!! I just thought it sounded kewl!!
What was your first experience of playing online games, and do you have any regrets now that it takes so much of your time up?
My first experience of online games was playing Quake 3! I wasn’t lucky enough to have been on the scene during QuakeWorld and Q2 I seemed to catch on quiet quickly as I was determined to get some people back for raping me bad on the BarrysWorld servers!! Heh, I even managed to wangle my way into PR! Still remember that night playing on Q3DM12, god I miss you guys
PR^ currently play BF1942 as its only game now, have you played it yet and if so what is your opinion on it?
I played it once and thought WOW this game has potential for a team game. All I wanted to do was fly them damn planes though!!
Is there any chance we could drag you from DAOC back home to PR^ to play 1942 or a new FPS game in the future?
I would love to come back to PR^ but I am sure you guys are miles ahead of me with your 1942 skillz!! I'm an old man now ya know!! Seriously though I'm not sure if I could fit it in!! I promise to buy the game this weekend though and maybe have a run round some maps just for old times sake!! I might just get addicted then you know what will happen!!
Since leaving our Q3 team and our IRC room!!, what have you most missed if anything about Phoenix Rising?
I missed the people: yourself, Spanjab, Ahab, EatmyShorts, Chip, AngelEyes, Nutkins to name but a few. I missed the meaningless frag fests on the PR^ server. I missed the shouting over Battlecomm. But most of all I miss the endless hours of fun.
What do you see yourself playing in a years time and will that be a FPS game with PR^ ....?
If I ever play another FPS game it would have to be with PR^.

This interview was published on the 09 Mar 2003 by HoriZon.

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