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Interview with MonoBrat
A player from our past, she was one of our best at Quake 2 but left the clan when Q3 came out, find out why.

What have you been doing since you hung up your Q2 railgun and left PR^, do you still play online games?
Since leaving PR^ I have done very little online. But in my so called real life I have been wrapping up my final year at university studying bio-chemistry. As I would like to work in a hospital or something in that area examining this and that, its quite interesting tbh

I've not played any online games since about August 2001 when I did have a brief dabble with Quake 3 but it wasn't for me so gave up on it, I did get rather good I thought
Not many people will know or remember you, who was/is the girl behind the many.. many names, and while we are on that subject why so many?
Ah how easy people forget about me.. happens all the time Well my name is Kimberly I am in my early twenties, married and live in a neat two bedroom flat where I go to university, where the sun shines and life is beautiful!

Why the many names that's a good question I am not sure I can answer it though, I couldn't really stick with one it started with Mono then I went through a load of them with my final name been Messiah (it sounded more manly, you wouldn't believe how much abuse a girl can get from some men online) I also guess I just like change
During PR^'s Quake 2 days you were arguably one of their finest players, but who did you rate in PR^ and why?
I was...? well that's news to me

I rated a lot of PR^ players so I couldn't just name one to be honest. Mike (Spanjab) was a great player and friend who helped my game come along loads as did Paul (Warchild) so you could say I rated both of them. But above them were a couple more I would say. Shelly (Afterwish) was a late arrival to PR^ but she taught me even more and we became good online friends we even became a really good 2v2 team. Along with Shelly their were people from other clans who we used to stay up to the wee-early hours playing a lot of RA2/FFA's and just talking on ICQ.

Another player I really rated was Niki (Blueice) who sadly died of cancer she was so full of life and I felt I could talk to her about anything of which I frequently did. She wasn't one of the best Q2 players but that didn't matter. I don't think I will ever forget her even though I only really knew her for a few years first through clan [ME] ManEaters and then PR^ she was one of my best friends online and off. She is the one person I would say I really do miss. r.i.p babe..
Since you have been away, who do you most miss from PR^ and the Q2/Q3 community, past or present?
I miss a lot of people who I once knew from Blueice who was just fab to Afterwish (see above.) Then their were other people who taught me how to play Quake 2 in the first place a [HooD]Nimrod for one. Simon was just great and we had a lot of fun playing Q2 I used to beat him in the odd 1v1 but I know he let me win but he would never admit to that I must have got half my mp3 collection from Si over two years! Then their was [HooD]Z I used to play Chris a lot in 1v1's didn't really know who he was or who HooD were at the time but we got talking and he also helped me out, along with a couple of the other HooD players. Then their was Vorv from clan Revenge [Rv] who I got to know through Nimrod he was another person I got to like a lot, Rich was a lot younger then but he became a good friend, who me and Shelly had a lot of fun playing with, along with Nimrod

Other people I miss are Warchild another one who sent me a lot of mp3's.. Sar who I got to know a bit from the first game I killed him in a lot, XTC vs. PR^ of which we won rather easily if I remember Then their was XTC^Orion a great person and player. To name but a few more PR^Dreadrock I loved Rich he was so much fun! [ME]Elvira, Sam was the one person who took me in even before I knew what a clan was! Another is [MKC]Dachande as well as many others I just can't think of atm

I miss them all tbh, but I had to move on, I do still see some of them when I pop online though.
Why didn't you jump to Quake 3 with the rest of the clan?
Simple really, I had my studies to do and most of the other girls left PR^ including Afterwish when PR^ went from Q2 to Q3 and she was the main one I connected with and I didn't see a future for myself playing Q3. So I opted to leave and concentrate on my studies. I would have loved to play more Quake with PR^ but it wasn't to be, I really hated Q3 when it first came out.
With you been a female Quake player did you in anyway find it hard to fit in to an other wise ''blokes'' domain?
oh..... yeah, it was ok when people didn't know who I was or they didn't know the clan tag [ME] an all woman clan to the Q2 [PR] tag. When I used to play 1v1's/2v2's with Afterwish and they found out I/we were girls all we got was abuse, not from everyone but there were a few. Especially when they lost or were losing I used to get a hell of a lot abuse from the name calling and such. It didn't bother me that much especially when I beat them But this type of gaming is definitely a boys world or domain as you put it.

I did change my name for my last few months to PR^Messiah and that helped a lot, not as many got on my case I guess its a more manly name than the ones I had used before.
What were the reasons that you left PR^?
As I said before Quake 3 just wasn't for me, I think some of the other members may have felt I left because of one of them or what had happened in the months prior to my leaving (PR^ went through some hard times with some members leaving, but it pulled its way back) but that wasn't the case. I had just come to the end of my online gaming career and I felt I should bow out gracefully.
Is there any future for yourself in a new Quake game or any other type of online game?
I don't see it right now but you never know it could happen, and if it were to be a new Quake game of sorts then I would love to rejoin PR^ (if they would have me back?) and help hold its flag high as it has been for these long five years now.

This interview was published on the 23 Feb 2003 by HoriZon.

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