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Interview with PR^Sar
This time we ask the mighty Sar a thing or two on his views of Quake 3 and PR^.

What was your first experience of online gaming and how do you think it has changed, and will change even more in the near future?
My first experience of ''online'' gaming was a null modem connection with my brother in law playing Duke Nukem 3D over 33.6k modem. That rocked, esp as I won most of the time \o/

First proper clan experience was in Q2, with my first ever clan - XTC, who still play Q2 to this day, bless em My first game was against a bunch of n00bs called PR^, so there's irony for ya After Q2 it was quickly onto Q3, where I played for 3 good fun filled years. And now it's mainly BF1942. Online FPS gaming has changed over the past 6 years in that it has definitely seen a swing from the ''Glory Boy'' solo player experiences of QW to the affirmation of the importance of being a team player - most big multiplayer FPS's are now geared towards team play, none more so than BF1942, which is built around the concept.

As for the future, who knows? I'd imagine the team based dynamic of FPS games will leak into the mindsets of other genres, MMoRPGs (which are to a great extent solo experiences, albeit online with other ppl on the same server) will finally get it right, Space sims and so on. I'd personally love to see a true MMoRPG successor to Elite - that would make me a very happy man
You were originally Saruya then Sar, where did the name come from, and who is the man behind the name?
The name came from my early Q2 days, back in March 99. I had a temp name of ''Rail'' (imaginative, eh?) for my first fortnight of clan life, so decided to come up with a new one, which was slightly better (not hard). So Saruya came about. It was originally an acronym for ''Shove A Rocket Up Your Arse'', and was quickly shortened to plain old Sar.

In real life I'm better known as Dave James, a guy from Belfast, who's been gaming since he was 4/5 Pong was my first ever game in 1979, on an old Atari knock off. Been playing ever since!
You setup the BWCPMRAL, why did you do this and has it proven successful enough to continue on with it?
I set it up mainly because RA3 was so rarely updated by CRT (it's gone for over 18 months so far without an update, and will most likely hit the 2 year mark without an update), and was lacking in features that Q3 players had gotten to take for granted thanks to superior mods like OSP. So when CPMA incorporated the Arena Gametype, that was the incentive to play Rocket Arena with a mod author that at least updated his mod more frequently than his birthdays

The first season was a great success, with lots of clans participating and enjoying it immensely. The second season however had been beset with clans pulling out and defaulting all over the place. It was getting that bad at times that I had seriously considered scrapping the entire thing mid-season, but never went through with it, as I didn't want to disappoint those clans that do want to continue playing the game, and enjoy CPMRA. Next season will be much tighter - it will be invite only, and there will only be a limited number of clans. I don't want time-wasters next season, like we were plagued with last season, so things will be a lot stricter.
Why did you hang up your Quake 3 rail gun, and what online game are you now playing?
Basically because of the amount of cheats and lamers in the community now. Things from connection cheats (people purposefully uploading from their PC to someone else in order to induce warp) to wallhackers and just plain wankers to boot made me lose patience with playing Q3 online. The game is still superb, and I still love it to bits (I'm following the progress and results of both PR^ and my old CTF clan XPd very closely), it's just that, outside of PR^ & XPd, the decent people & players are pretty few and far between. So I decided to give BF1942 a go a while back, after hearing rave reviews. So Spanjab and myself set up the '42 arm of PR^, and even though I suck ass at it majorly, and despite the problems the game has (the recent 1.2 patch has only just made the game even playable on my system), I'm enjoying it so far
You mentioned BF1942 their, do you think PR^ has the potential to go further in this than they did with Q3?
Hard to know at this stage, there are already some very good BF1942 clans out there: mpuk and [G] to name but two. We've had only a few practices, mainly due to the lack of our own '42 server, which has now been rectified, this should now move us forward in skill as a collective side and as individual players considerably.
Why do you think PR^ has lasted as long as it has?
Mainly because the people in the clan are largely sensible, mature people, who are easy going, don't clan hop and like to have a laugh. Unlike the majority of these fly-by-night clans that consist of nothing but glory hunters and kids, PR play for the love of the game, nothing more, just as it should be!
PR^ in recent times has had its highs and lows, what has been your highest/lowest moment in this clan?
My best moment was probably the match against MKC in the BWRA3L in 2001 it was our final season in the league before we pulled out due to RA3's inherent shitness We were nearly neck and neck the entire game, but we were always behind, and they won several on the spin, needing 1 round to win, with the scores at something like 10-8. We still won

Another great game was against WebZ this past season in the BWCPMRAL - this was a good side that twatted us 11-2 in the aborted attempt at a season earlier in the summer. In this recent match we had 4 players for over half the game (only gaining our 5th man in round 13/21), and still managed to beat their 5 man team after a thrilling topsy turvy second half. I still watch those games to this day - superb stuff.

As for lows, I haven't had a lot really, it's all been good fun, even the games we've lost. Here's hoping that may long continue
Where do you see yourself and PR^ in say two more years?
In two more years I hope to be attending university full time, studying for joint honours degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, but I don't know where I'll be studying - it could be here (Belfast) or on the mainland somewhere. As for PR^, I've been here nearly 2 years already (it honestly seems a lot less), so I imagine I'll still be hanging around in some form or another in another 2 years

As for the clan, I imagine we'll still be pootering along, as we always do - enjoying the games we play, making friends and pissing off wankers in equal measures

This interview was published on the 16 Feb 2003 by HoriZon.

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