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Played games: 372  Won: 160 (43%)  Lost: 172 (46%)  Draw: 40 (11%)

RWar Release Notes

Here you will find a complete list of all the changes we have made to RWar since adding it to our site, it's been heavily modified from the original source code, as you can see below...

⇒ 1.3.2 - 'When September Ends Update' (10.09.2021)
• Changed amount of games per page to 50 instead of 26 on the main RWar page.
• Tidied up of some of the core code - yes again.

⇒ 1.3.1 - 'Font Style Edition' (08.08.2020)
• Updated 'Hand of Sean' font so it displays ''&'' symbols.
• Cleaned up the core code a little.

⇒ 1.3.0 - 'Pepsi Max Edition' (12.11.2019)
• Added lots more games to RWar but there is still work to be done!
• Added this release notes page.
• Moved the 'Reaction Emojis' on the game details pages up a tad.
• Cleaned up the core code a little.

⇒ 1.2.0 - 'Chocolate Frag Edition' (10.04.2018)
• Added alot of our old games to our version of RWar now named RWarBLOODSPLATTER™
• Added 'Share Buttons' too all Game Details pages.
• Added 'Reaction Emojis' too all Game Details pages.
• Added Quake 2 info too the bottom of the main RWar page with map images and a YouTube link.
• Added copyright info to the bottom of all the pages of RWar.
• Added the 'Game' icon, 'Game Type' icon and 'League' icon to the Game Details pages.
• Added Index (Main Menu button) and updated back button to the Game Details pages.
• Added a few more Quake 3 map images which were missing.
• Added results not on the 'Games' pages, like the Clan Wars RA3 League & Clan Base RA3 Cup.
• Added Clan Wars League icon and updated the Jolt League and UKCCL icons.
• Added Challenge Pro-Mode Clan Arena icon and updated/changed the Rocket Arena icon.
• Added as many old 'reports' of our games as I could find from the Internet Archive.
• Added a warning message/image when submitted info is missing something.
• Changed all RWar page links to jump to the top of each page.
• Changed amount of games per page to 26 instead of 30 on the main RWar page.
• Changed 'previous' and 'next' button image links.
• Updated RWar Menu 'game selection image' and wording and spacing and alignment issues.
• Updated both the 'manage page' and 'challenge page' quite alot.
• Updated all RWar map images to include map names. (took awhile!!!)
• Updated 'Hand of Sean' font to newer version (dated 2013) which is much, much better to read.
• Many other small changes to RWar like wording/spacing and image updates.

⇒ 1.1.0 - 'The beginning of the End Edition' (07.01.2011)
• Renamed to 'RWar Game Database' and made the page look like a bit of paper (cheers ROB)
• Added images of all the maps for each game we have played in. (there was a bloody lot!)
• Added all the 'Games' (Q2, Q3, Q4, TF2, BF1942, BF2 and BF2142) we have took part in with icons.
• Added all the 'Leagues' we have ever entered in as a clan with icons.
• Added all the diffrent 'Game Modes' we have played with icons.
• Added a delete button to the game details admin page.
• Updated the warning pages to add more info.
• Updated and heavily modified the 'Games Menu' on the news and games pages.
• Cleaned up and added to the core code a hell of alot.

⇒ 1.0.0 - 'Original Edition' (13.11.2009)
• Added RWar to the site unmodified. (©GreyCube 2004)

RWar Original ©GreyCube 2004 - Heavily modified by the Phoenix Rising Clan (Release Notes)