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Quake 2

Quake 2 Demo Collection

Some real classics in this the last of all the [PR] demo's and others from Q2 we have. Some are from the Wireplay DM/CTF League's, some from a 2v2 league. As well as the UKCCL.

In this pack you will find such great games as:

  • PR vs. [LL] LanLords, 'classic game' on q2dm8 from the old WPQ2DML.
  • PR vs. [LL] LanLords, a couple of other games.
  • PR vs. [NL] Night Lords, on q2dm1 from the old WPQ2DML.
  • PR vs. [xTc] Ecstasy, on q2dm1 also from the WPQ2DML (Sar was on the other team!)
  • PR vs. [FRE] Fremen, a couple of DM games.
  • PR vs. [KiL] Kilumanti, on q2dm2.
  • [UNR] Unreal vs. [HooD] The HooDs, on q2dm1 in what was 'THE' match at the time!
  • [Rv] Revenge vs. [CS] Clan Stealth, on q2dm1 in another classic game.
  • [ME] ManEaters vs. [BABE] Babes of London, reunion match! (BABE=men - [ME]=girls!)
  • [ME] ManEaters vs. [SEX] Sacred Exterminators, in another reunion match.
  • All Stars vs. Dark Prophecy, WP 2v2 with Spanjab, Trendy, [KC]Grom, some [MKC] players!
  • 27/6 vs. Heaven&Sent, old WP 2v2 with [PR]-kZ- (aka MonoBrat) & [PR]Warchild.
  • PR^GEMiNi (aka MonoBrat) & [HooD]Nimrod vs. PR^Afterwish & {CBA}Mastakilla on q2dm1.
  • Plus a few more PR^ games and some 2v2 matches with Spanjab who won a prize!

Some of these demo's may require our and other custom skins.

(this zip contains 24 demo's in total!)

Please Note: you can use a demo player such as Seismovision.exe to run them, you also need Quake 2 installed! Also note that some use custom modifications and/or maps you will need those to be able to view them.

All of these videos can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.
(**A BIG thanks to LadyQuake for converting these!!)

Speaking of Quake 2, we still have some result screenshots:

Filesize: 19.67 MB
Date: Wednesday, 14 July 1999 - 16:49
Downloads: 16
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 29 Aug '07 - 19:42

My first ever proper game of Q2 against some bunch of nubs.


 29 Aug '07 - 19:50
Yeah and I gather you sucked back then too


 29 Aug '07 - 20:32
"Back then"?

It's been 8 long hard years and I still suck as hard now as I did then.

I suck that hard I make Betty proud!


 26 Jan '08 - 18:11
-18 K/D net.

FATAL1TY has nuthin on me.



 30 Jan '08 - 13:18
I got a demo of Wireplay final in UK for 50K prize where Billox played Thresh and got -2 to Treshes 50. Thresh is the guy who won a Ferrari of John Carmack.
I was present at the event and got really drunk. I was staged at a London nightclub by Wireplay and BarrysWorld and we all went to a BarrysWorld party afterwards near New Oxford Street. Those were the days!

I will dig it up at one point.


 31 Jan '08 - 18:08
I hated deathmatch
ctf 4 da win


 27 Nov '10 - 12:27
Found a load more demo's from Q2 on a CD, this download goes from 7 demo's to a mega 24!!!!


Edited on the 27 Nov '10 - 19:48


 15 Aug '11 - 00:06
Do you need the actual game to view the demos in Seismovision as I downloaded it but cant view demos (I dont have Q2 anymore). Dont suppose anyone can make them compatible and put on you tube for me to see?


 15 Aug '11 - 16:56
You do need Q2 installed yes, I tired to convert them to videos for YouTube but didn't have much luck.

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