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Quake 3 in VR on the Oculus Quest is here!
By: HoriZon

Quake 3 in VR is here, from the guys who brought us Doom3Quest and Quake2Quset etc and its all kinds of awesomeness, if you have a Quest 1/2 make sure you grab this and install it. Its in 'open beta' right but but its getting better and better with each release, it also features multiplayer for all the default maps with work in place for mods and such - RA3 anyone? one day maybe

You can grab it from the Team Beef - Discord, make sure you get the HD paks as well to make it look nicer than before to play the full game you must own it as you need the game files. It's like 1999 all over again!!!

Full instructions on how to install it see this.


 22 Feb '22 - 21:25
I have gone back to my old name style as well of *HoriZon*

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