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Site Update Summer 2021 - Porn Star Martini Edition
By: HoriZon

Alot has changed these past six months the world is still messed up a tad the weather has been good and it's our birthday month!


  • Added 'VR/MOFO' news category, yeah I'm now a massive VR nerd - can't play games in 'pancake' anymore!
  • Added "A MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSORS" to the news pages for dead and out dated offsite links.
  • Added DOOM Guy emoji
  • Adjusted layout of site, made the gap at the top smaller.
  • Updated dead YouTube videos yet again.
  • Fixed some selling mistakes on the interview pages I noticed after a re-read.
  • Removed 'to the top' from individual forum posts.
  • Removed Google adverts from the bottom of the site and the side.
  • Cleaned up some shity code on my part.

Plan to add the rest of our games to RWAR at some stage just BF1942 and BF2 left to go.

We have moved web servers too, should be much faster.


 11 Jul '21 - 20:10
Testing for server move.

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